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  1. wow, youtuber fail, fixed now I think, I agree, it's busted. 🤯
  2. video in above post replaced with youtube version, hard to hold the phone on target and grab and turn the driveshaft at the same time, but you get the idea, turns okay until "thud" it turns no more, busted gear I would guess. I was still driving it this way (I imagine the 350 can power past the break whereas my hand strength in turning the driveshaft, although legendary, cannot), very very slowly about 1 mile. I expect I'll see a busted gear in there? it will turn past it (violently) until the next revolution then repeat the process, it was a sad crawl home.......
  3. Raised rear, put in neutral, turned wheels, seemed okay, turned driveshaft and seemed fine until BAM hit a wall. Crappy video attached. the knock you hear is the whole works coming to an abrupt halt. Time to pull the diff me thinks. Youtube version
  4. no idea on HP or torque numbers, ZZ4 crate 350, 700r4 auto, it is a little monster and we love it. Very much a "rat rod" and we both (my son and I) kinda like it that way. Okay I'm thinking the R200 if they can be had. autopsy comes first of course but pretty sure the 180 is baked.
  5. okay, will do. So far all I did was lift the right rear and turn the wheel, certainly a bit of slop but not excessive but it was in gear and the left rear was still on the ground so will raise both and put in neutral and see what it feels like, the drive shaft and u joints look okay, gotta love the cable on the front mount, engineering on this build and subsequent "fixes" are, shall we say, questionable, but we own it now so it's on us to put it right. I'll probably be looking to source a full replacement I guess. R200 or the Subaru swap, found some info on that.
  6. So, my kid's Z is sitting here, he's not. I'm human. I took off Friday night, just gunna see if my diff oil top off stopped that weird whining noise, you know, a good dad. I got a little gas, a nice cruise in the sunset. Then outta nowhere some punk kid in a new Challenger blows by me, oh Lord no. I blew by him. We meet at the next light, windows go down and we chat, nice guy. Light turns, I take off like a Bat Outta Hell (because, that's why this thing exists after all) Very fun.......but....... I hear a "bang" and then a rhythmic clunk, I start limping home, the noise is NOT GOOD. I p
  7. Sorry I don’t know the difference between JTR and Scarab. I’m a bit of a newbie. I can tell you it’s so far back the original hood catch had to be removed and now it has pins. I’m not sure what my son is going to do long-term to be honest with you. I know what I would do if it were mine, I would go over it from front to back and basically refresh everything make it a bit more Streetable and drive it everywhere but I’m just his wrench. We’ve taken it a long way in the last year from barely running to running decent, stopping well and have done some maintenance to it and he’s driv
  8. It seems many hot rodders run both and have the electric as a manual swtich to prime the system for faster starts (carbs, fill the bowls and flush out air from vapor locking) and add more fuel if needed for high load runs. Electric can push through the mechanical and mechanical can draw through the electric (if the "right" type electric). I like the concept but probably won't pursue it unless needed.
  9. I'm wondering about repositioning the brake pedal to get more room for feet, with no clutch pedal there's room to move over, old ground? I'm not finding much searching......yet. Install automatic transmission pedal box? Not easy to come by I would think
  10. Well my kid (it's his car really) told me to leave the pump alone, he doesn't mind the buzz so I'm letting that one be.
  11. I have an Airtex in hand, probably 30gph, I have no idea if that's enough to supply it under heavy load. I think this is what I have, the numbers sort of match. I can't even remember what I pulled it out of or why anymore. It seems to work fine. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/atx-e8012s/reviews/
  12. it is still under tension when unloaded, I will just block it for now, maybe not even lowered at all, just fitted with massive oversize wheels/tires and not cut out enough
  13. The carter fuel pump is so obnoxiously loud. I think the ZZ4 has a spot for a mechanical pump, was thinking of installing both, switching the electric to use as a primer if needed but leaving it off otherwise. Research says this is doable. Might be a lot of needless work and risk just to shut up the stupid pump. I'm pretty sure a standard mechanical pump at 7psi should supply the juice just fine, could be wrong. Something like this https://www.summitracing.com/parts/crt-m4685/overview/year/1967/make/chevrolet If the mechanical failed and you resorted to electric and pumped your ga
  14. pulled left rear wheel, this is what I see, so far I just cheated with a couple coil spring blocks, no idea what I'm looking at, it's blue.
  15. Ended up with an inexpensive 16" https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B014KK7LDY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It fit inside the opening for the old fan so I bolted it to the old shroud, only 1 speed but works okay, don't know if it pulls enough air but it never had a problem over heating (new aluminum radiator). the shroud doesn't really fit so if it can't keep up I'll work on sealing the shroud seams, if it still can't keep up will upgrade
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