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  1. I'm really happy this thread is getting more attention. I'll post pictures as soon as I get more done.
  2. I'm going with an LS6 intake. They're tuff and low profile, as well as it gives you the classic LS look.
  3. Been working hard on cleaning the engine. After spending a few hours with some degreaser, steel wool and a toothbrush I still ended up bringing my head's to a speed shop to get bead blasted because I couldn't / didn't have enough patience and brake cleaner to get all the gunk out of the intake ports. The more I think about it the more I'm leaning toward just upgrading the springs and doing a big cam and being done with it. How's ya'lls progress?
  4. Spent 6 hours today with a Dremel Tool carefully grinding away aluminum in the transmission housing right above the first clutch pack because the metal plate wouldn't fit. The old housing had a slot in it, the new one did not. I was wondering if anyone else has ran into this. New housing is from Cobra Transmissions.
  5. I can't wait to see what else you're doing with your build. Today I worked on getting the transmission into a new housing because the other had been dropped and busted. Hit a speed bump assembling it back together though with a retainer clip, can't get it in behind the cast tabs. Here's some pictures of the progress though. That's my brother helping me out. I did have a question, do you know of ANY kind of exhaust manifold that will fit without modifications. I don't think my stock truck manifold is smaller than Hookers.
  6. Yes, I'm here. I'm currently in the process of installing an L33 5.3L into my Baby. Ive had the pleasure of owning her for almost 8 years. Reading this thread has terrified me and now I'm afraid I've bitten off more than i can chew. I'll definitely be bugging you with some questions if you're still around for it. ill post pictures of my progress as it happens. So far I have purchased the engine with all accessories, wire harness, and stock computer. I've also bought a 4L80E transmission (not the T56 magnum i wanted but what i could afford). Tonight i ordered the Torque Converter. I don
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