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  1. Thank you so much for that!!! That is amazing that no one seems to realize that. Even the companies I bought it from never said a thing when I talked to them about not needing the clips anymore. I know the s130 is odd but I knew I wasnt the only one that ran into this. It kinda sucks that those notches on the top of the strip look like they are going to show but whatever...the one installer I had just gave up like I'm just supposed to scrap the car now. Thanks, now hopefully this will be on the record for the next person to run into this
  2. G-Tech

    280zx door seal weatherstripping alternative?

    nope, no one has started making them yet and finding them on a parts car in decent shape is still not happening. salvage what you can.
  3. just as an update for anyone who is replacing the windshield on a 280zx or i think more importantly to someone who is stripping a 280zx to restore it...be aware that the clip strips for the molding to snap into at the top and bottom of windshield is not available anymore....there is companies selling what nissan says is the replacement for the original but i have had 2 professional installers now come and look at installing my windshield and both refused to use the clip strips i have purchased. they are both struggling to find an original strip laying around in a warehouse somewhere. the one guy told me id be better off glueing the clips in after the windshield is installed but that mostlikly will leave a gap somewhere and will be unable to ever remove the trim without bending the crap out of it. the strips they sell now leave an ugly seem at the top, the molding will sit high and not flush with the windshield and concerned that the molding will not even stay attached well. both companies i have spoke to say they have not heard of any issue but also have had no personal experience using them and even told me they look strange to them as well but said thats what nissan says to use. if you have to change your windshield do what you can to save the original strip and if you dont have to take it out to restore or paint your car DO NOT take it out.. this has turned into another fantastic headache that my oddball S130 is known to give...
  4. i am very familiar with my 280zx, ive had it very disassembled and reassembled many times now over the last 15yrs of owning it. however this is the first time ive replaced the windshield. the problem im having is with the strip (that attaches to the body) for the molding clips. as you can see in the pics, the old upper clip strip (1st and 2nd pic) has a slot at the bottom, you push the clip down in the slot and a tooth on the clip holds it from coming out. The lower is the same just reversed. The new clip strip i purchased from z car source looks completely different and i cant figure out which way is up or down. i talked to zcarsource and he assured me its the right piece and i believe him but he wasnt able to help me with which way it went either. I had a professional installer look at it today and was confused as well..he was familiar with the clips and the old clip strip but not the new ones. Has anyone with a 280zx gone threw this yet or can anyone help me figure out which way this should go.lastly, either way i try to fit the clip, it seems to sit up high, like when i attach it to my actual windshield molding it looks like my molding is going to be raised up. once again the s130 is the oddball but it means too much and im in too deep to move on. Thank you for any help or suggestions
  5. G-Tech

    280ZX LSX

    thats a pretty old post, you will be lucky to get a reply. looks like he drilled threw the shaft on both ends and just put a bolt threw it. there isnt any splines on the universal joint he used. your going to want to support that somehow or it will be floppy. he mentioned a carrier bearing, i think thats what the black painted tab you can barley see is for. the carrier bearing is probably mounted to that tab but you cant see it.
  6. is there any designated spot to purchase hybrid-Z t-shirts or stickers? ive seen a couple post for them but they are old so i figured its useless to try to get ahold of anyone on them. thank you
  7. That's just my fuel filter. It never hit the ground, just got real close before I stiffened up the suspension. I went to a gravity feed setup so the fuel pump doesn't have to pull the fuel out of the tank...they are more efficient pushing fuel then pulling.
  8. G-Tech

    Midwest Barn find 76 280z

    sorry to go off topic but what the heck is with the Mercedes?!?!?! that thing is awesome!!!
  9. G-Tech

    Budget build ZX

    Headlight cover are just regular tinted ones. Tires were stock size. You can go lil more offset. I have 17x8 0-offset on the rear now with 235's. Stock 14's are only 6" wide, I wouldn't go more then a 225 but I've seen people do things I wouldn't
  10. G-Tech

    Budget build ZX

    this was mine with the 1" lower springs. way,way,way back
  11. G-Tech

    Budget build ZX

    yes they are the best place to buy them from. if you spend some time looking, you might find them cheaper but msa is the best if you just wanna make sure your getting the right thing. before you buy inner tie rods, look into what it takes to change that. i just did outers. and dont bother with wheel bearings unless they are bad. if you ever do front brake rotors, you will have to change them then and doing the rear wheel bearings involve pulling the stub-axles out. the pic looks like what you should end up with with eibach coils. there is only 1" drop coils for sale and thats it, anything more and your getting into coilovers.
  12. G-Tech

    Budget build ZX

    i believe you can keep stock struts. id call and ask 1st. most people like i did get a set of tokico shocks and struts. the front is a bit interesting, the strut casing and spindle is 1 unit. if your shocks have never been replaced in the front, then you actually gut the strut casing and slide a new shock in the tube. not a bad job, just strange. yeah, poly bushings are a nice upgrade. makes things a lil stiffer but it will handle better. while your at it, replace balljoints and tie rod ends. if wheel bearings are not making noise then you can skip that but that would be about all thats left to say you rebuilt the whole bottom end of the car. not sure on sway bar dia., got rid of my stock one long time ago. id call motorsport auto about using the stock strut and shocks and see what they know about the sway bar. they are not the cheapest place usually but they have lots of info. and yes, that motor is simply to blow air onto the intake, funny huh...im guessing they had a reason...
  13. G-Tech

    Budget build ZX

    eibach makes a 1" lowering spring. that would be the "right way" and the most affordable. i ran them before, good quality.
  14. G-Tech

    Budget build ZX

    its a couple years old but doesnt look good. looks like what i went threw with showcars.com in canada
  15. G-Tech

    Brake Line Locks

    I am doing the same thing with the electric line lock but using it to lock out the rear brakes. To keep a cleaner engine compartment..plus it would feel weird not using my foot on the brake pedal when doing a burnout... But dont forget to release it when your done or you wont have rear brakes when you get to the end of the track...