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  1. gotta love the easy fixes!!!
  2. did you recently have the battery disconnected? when i disconnect and re-connect the battery in my z, the computer which is for a 1999 camaro has to relearn and the first few times i start it the idle goes up and down some but it eventually straightens out after a little driving. it will sometimes go as high as 2k rpm's but not really past that and will also dip low enuff that i think its going to stall but doesnt. or mayb you didnt diconnect the battery but should so that it can realize there is a different amount of load on the engine. hope any of this helps, let me know
  3. Google it, you'll find zcarsource and mayb 2 other places and they will have some things. If you have a t-top car you wont find any of that except the pieces that mount to the t-top and you have to really disassemble it to change them...
  4. looks like a nice new paint job. i think s130 members are more creative than s30 owners (maybe im partial to s130's 😁)...you'll never ever see a s130 look like yours, ever!!!
  5. i started with eibach lowereing springs and tokico shock and struts. then went with ground control weld-in coilovers up front and just cut a rear coil in the back. now i have techno toys coil overs all around. i have nothing bad to say about all their products. if you have or ever do a v8 swap in it then the rear springs will NEED to be stiffer, the car squats real good especially with any v8 i did use coilovers from a 240sx(i forget which year but there is topics on it), they will only fit the rear. they might be fine if you dont have alot of horsepower but i found that it cut down on the amount of travel the rear had and i was bottoming out the coilover when i launched hard.
  6. Love the look you have accomplished, very unique. Very clean looking too...
  7. i try not to be the only one that chims in here but if i was doing my gas tank over i would use stock tank and modify the sending unit to except a intank fuel pump. they have nice ones now that you control the depth of it to insure you get to the bottom of the tank. i have not figured out a great setup for the fuel gauge to work properly yet. i just go by how many miles per tank i get. the gauges i made a piece of ABS plastic to fit in were the original cluster sits. and the 3 little pods except autometer smaller gauges with little mods.i go into detail what i did to my gas tank and the gauges i used on page 1
  8. i used an aluminum rad from JTR. i think you would be good with any aluminum rad. they are not too expensive. and a flex a lite fan with a plastic shroud. i forget the part number but they had one that was real close to the size of my rad.it is just a large single fan with like a S-shaped blade and the shroud was nice cause it wasnt just flat sheet metal. in my eyes, the fan is just as important. i paid just over $200 for the fan. but it has never over heated yet. you might be ok with a flat sheet metal shroud if you want. but i suggest that you dont just zip tie a couple fans to the rad
  9. glad you didnt take offense. you have to be a donating member to put something up for sale. (basically, you need to give a little something if your going to use the forum to make money). i think its like $20 and you will be allowed to post something for sale
  10. I think your best bet is to put them up for sale for the high end of what you think is reasonable and put make me an offer. ive seen it in the past that someone puts up a question like yours and others look at it as your really looking to sell it without having to donate to the forum. basically, as if your hoping someone might come on and make an offer for it and then you get to sell it without making the donation..... I am not the person to care and im not saying thats what your doing but i am saying that might be why no one is chiming in with suggestions. Even i question what this category is for in this forum, but im thinking more for someone looking to buy something, wants to know what is a fair price to pay. Im not in the s30 world so i am not able to help you. good luck
  11. Thank you so much for that!!! That is amazing that no one seems to realize that. Even the companies I bought it from never said a thing when I talked to them about not needing the clips anymore. I know the s130 is odd but I knew I wasnt the only one that ran into this. It kinda sucks that those notches on the top of the strip look like they are going to show but whatever...the one installer I had just gave up like I'm just supposed to scrap the car now. Thanks, now hopefully this will be on the record for the next person to run into this
  12. nope, no one has started making them yet and finding them on a parts car in decent shape is still not happening. salvage what you can.
  13. just as an update for anyone who is replacing the windshield on a 280zx or i think more importantly to someone who is stripping a 280zx to restore it...be aware that the clip strips for the molding to snap into at the top and bottom of windshield is not available anymore....there is companies selling what nissan says is the replacement for the original but i have had 2 professional installers now come and look at installing my windshield and both refused to use the clip strips i have purchased. they are both struggling to find an original strip laying around in a warehouse somewhere. the one guy told me id be better off glueing the clips in after the windshield is installed but that mostlikly will leave a gap somewhere and will be unable to ever remove the trim without bending the crap out of it. the strips they sell now leave an ugly seem at the top, the molding will sit high and not flush with the windshield and concerned that the molding will not even stay attached well. both companies i have spoke to say they have not heard of any issue but also have had no personal experience using them and even told me they look strange to them as well but said thats what nissan says to use. if you have to change your windshield do what you can to save the original strip and if you dont have to take it out to restore or paint your car DO NOT take it out.. this has turned into another fantastic headache that my oddball S130 is known to give...
  14. i am very familiar with my 280zx, ive had it very disassembled and reassembled many times now over the last 15yrs of owning it. however this is the first time ive replaced the windshield. the problem im having is with the strip (that attaches to the body) for the molding clips. as you can see in the pics, the old upper clip strip (1st and 2nd pic) has a slot at the bottom, you push the clip down in the slot and a tooth on the clip holds it from coming out. The lower is the same just reversed. The new clip strip i purchased from z car source looks completely different and i cant figure out which way is up or down. i talked to zcarsource and he assured me its the right piece and i believe him but he wasnt able to help me with which way it went either. I had a professional installer look at it today and was confused as well..he was familiar with the clips and the old clip strip but not the new ones. Has anyone with a 280zx gone threw this yet or can anyone help me figure out which way this should go.lastly, either way i try to fit the clip, it seems to sit up high, like when i attach it to my actual windshield molding it looks like my molding is going to be raised up. once again the s130 is the oddball but it means too much and im in too deep to move on. Thank you for any help or suggestions
  15. thats a pretty old post, you will be lucky to get a reply. looks like he drilled threw the shaft on both ends and just put a bolt threw it. there isnt any splines on the universal joint he used. your going to want to support that somehow or it will be floppy. he mentioned a carrier bearing, i think thats what the black painted tab you can barley see is for. the carrier bearing is probably mounted to that tab but you cant see it.
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