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  1. mine came from RPM transmissions. its technically out of a late model GTO. the guy said it was the same case as a f-body camaro t56 but the 1st gear is shorter in a GTO tranny. i think the shifter location is different too, cause i remember him saying he would put a camaro shifter in it. he felt the camaro 1st gear was too long. i dont know how much difference it would make for you, im happy with what i have is all i know. i dont know how the magnum t56 would be with the shifter location. i was happy as can be the 1st time i put the motor with the trans hooked up in its place and seen how perfect the location of the shifter was. if you want more strength out of the tranny (mayb why you want the magnum/viper tranny) look at RPM transmission. mines built to handle 750hp and they will do more than that.
  2. I dont know the actual distance. I have the motor as far back as I can. Leaving mayb couple inches between motor and firewall and the shifter ends up just right. You have to get the tranny as far up as you can which leaves it looking like there is a standard throw shifter even though what u see in the pic is a short throw shifter. But there was no mods to the tranny tunnel other than cutting out the old mounts and making new onesI dont know the a
  3. seattlejester is right though. i wont say what i bought my z31 turbo cv axles for but it was quiet a bit less and from a complete stranger. the ones you are selling look brand new ill give you that but that is a lil bit high. maybe ebay would be a good place if you haven't put them up there yet. i have 2 sets already so i wont make an offer. i guess your asking price depends on how bad you wanna get rid of them. Good luck
  4. great job!!, i enjoyed watching. it was actually refreshing to see you be honest and point out a flaw here and there. you couldve just not shown those parts and lead us to believe it was "perfect" like most would do. i was restoring my car along the same time and it helped to see that you can try to make things perfect but there is going to be something along the way out of your control that makes it just off perfect and thats ok. my name is jeff too so it was great purchasing your shirts so i have shirts that say "home built by jeff" ... anyway, great job. ill look for what you have to rebuild next...
  5. You can get it from zcarsource or I found there is a few places if you just do Google search. I learned that they switched it along time ago. The only time you need the clips is if you were able to save the original strips. All the strips sold now a days are the updated ones that dont need clips.
  6. i think its only a matter of time before tesla swaps are more common. i would suggest using a s130 just cause they are cheaper to start and who cares if you cut one of them up and never finish it. im a s130 guy but even i wouldnt mind seeing one cut up and not finished. i would be super excited to see one finished also..i didnt exactly read the whole thing but i saw something mentioned about power steering. alot of s130's came with pwr steering, not all though..
  7. my 83 had the single reservoir master cylinder also and the original reservoir had a plug on it as you can see in this pic, there is the cap, then the other black thing on top was were the plug went for the fluid level sensor. when i got a new reservoir it was not on there anymore. i think someone replaced yours before that why its not there anymore. and the other hose is for the rear window washer at the top of your rear window. there are 2 plugs below the hose that you dont have circled, i believe cause you know they are for the washer tank
  8. Glad to hear your getting to enjoy your own stuff!!! I never had any dealings with you but always seen post bouncing back n forth of someone else you were helping out...enjoy!!!!!
  9. finally have it "mostly done" as it will never be completely done. but it is ready for the street, shows and of coarse it will still see the 1/4mile and occasionally watkins glen. i think you s130 guys could take a long time to see all the lil mods everywhere. hope you enjoy.
  10. gotta love the easy fixes!!!
  11. did you recently have the battery disconnected? when i disconnect and re-connect the battery in my z, the computer which is for a 1999 camaro has to relearn and the first few times i start it the idle goes up and down some but it eventually straightens out after a little driving. it will sometimes go as high as 2k rpm's but not really past that and will also dip low enuff that i think its going to stall but doesnt. or mayb you didnt diconnect the battery but should so that it can realize there is a different amount of load on the engine. hope any of this helps, let me know
  12. Google it, you'll find zcarsource and mayb 2 other places and they will have some things. If you have a t-top car you wont find any of that except the pieces that mount to the t-top and you have to really disassemble it to change them...
  13. looks like a nice new paint job. i think s130 members are more creative than s30 owners (maybe im partial to s130's 😁)...you'll never ever see a s130 look like yours, ever!!!
  14. i started with eibach lowereing springs and tokico shock and struts. then went with ground control weld-in coilovers up front and just cut a rear coil in the back. now i have techno toys coil overs all around. i have nothing bad to say about all their products. if you have or ever do a v8 swap in it then the rear springs will NEED to be stiffer, the car squats real good especially with any v8 i did use coilovers from a 240sx(i forget which year but there is topics on it), they will only fit the rear. they might be fine if you dont have alot of horsepower but i found that it cut down on the amount of travel the rear had and i was bottoming out the coilover when i launched hard.
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