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  1. Depends if you have the computer or not already. if you dont, you just have to get a DBC throttle body and a F-body Camaro computer. They were DBC. Thats what i did. Im just a mechanical guy so it seemed easier but i"ve learned its not a big deal to do DBW if thats what you have. Im not sure what has to happen with the gas pedal for DBW but my guess is there is a simple solution for it if you research it.
  2. i dont have the same swap as you but when i did a swap in my zx i explained to the driveshaft shop that the rear-end doesn't move and they took my fixed measurements and made it so the slip yoke goes half way in. this way when you install it, you can slid it all the way in 1st, then pull it out to mate with the rear-end. if you make the driveshaft length with the yoke fully seated, you would probably fight with it when you lift the back up to meet with the rear-end .
  3. He buys plain rotors then has them slotted by someone else. Guessing it saves him money somehow, probably buying rotors in bulk. I like his stuff, i have his full brake kit for my 280zx (although i didnt know i was losing my parking brake till i was installing everything) but he has never been good at customer service. Not sure if he is too busy or what.
  4. willwood!!! i ran into the same thing.i have arizona zcar brakes also..just gotta know diameter, thickness, and bolt pattern. i was able to get the black coated ones also from willwood
  5. I had a small block chevy in my 280zx and it was very nose heavy...the car lost alot of handling....when I switched to the LS (which was alot more work, believe it or not) the car got all its balance back. Its lighter now then it was from the factory....well worth beeing alum block if you ask me IMG950995.3gp
  6. if your saying 3-1/2" is from the lowest part of the car to the ground. id say your at the limit of going low and still driving most places. im 4" and i clear most things. you just have to know when you pull in somewhere to pull in on an angle to help clear the front end if thats low too.
  7. The bumper on top I've only seen in pictures from cars in Japan, so not sure you can get it in the states. The front end on the bottom looks like someone made the grill and lower air dam from an older z fit somehow...it actually looks like they did a good job. I dont know how easy it would be cause I've never seen that before. I would check out MSA (motorsport auto)...you can do a simple lower airdam to add a different look or I bought their full front bumber with the fog light buckets molded in. I'm pretty happy with it, definitely changed up the front end. Alot of people (me included) like the look of the older z front grill but you will find that the 280zx is very different from the 240,260, and 280z...many people have tried to make the zx front look like the older z's and I've seen only a couple good results...all depends on how much knowledge and experience you have with doing body mods
  8. Sorry that I dont know about your exact setup but when I put an MSD ignition on my zx I had to get a tach adapter to get the tach to work...dont know if the msd tach adapter only worked with their ignition box or not but mayb that gives you a direction to research. Good luck
  9. I would say it's better to replace things like the exhaust with a better exhaust or replace suspension with better than OEM parts....the turbo model was the top notch option for zx's...if it was a turbo model and not already modified, then I would say it's best to keep it pure for resale value....the 280zx isnt getting alot of appreciation and unless its absolutely original, I dont see anyone paying top dollar cause its 10th aniv. It also cost alot to make a zx pretty fast with horsepower and all that. So you wont get your money back. I think someone will pay respectable money for a good running one with mild upgrades... That's my 2 cents anyway
  10. Very cool to hear!!! I've been seeing your post for while now. Never really followed to close as I'm a s130 guy but to hear your driving it is awsome!!. So often there are threads of builds that go longer than expected. I've been a victim of it too. So congrats on beeing a guy that's completing one to a point you can drive it again. They are never done, so keep it up...
  11. I will say with all the support from this forum which I didnt know about when I did mine you can mayb do it in a months time. But there will be things like the driveshaft that u dont know what length u need until u fit everything then have to have someone make one.
  12. I like to encourage people to do the sbc swap cause it is alot easier to do than a ls swap into the 280zx but u should get another beater for a daily driver temporarily...you will never be able to think of every part u need and do the swap in a weeks time...there will always be a fitting or hose or random pieces u will need to get along the way....I rented a barn for 2 months and I knew it had to be done in that amount of time. It was a grind getting it done in that time.
  13. congrats!!! good job sticking with it. i think the best thing i learned is you found a different oil pan that works. also probably helped going turbo so you didnt have to squeeze headers down by the steering shaft. what did you do with the power steering? i bet it pulls real good beeing turboed. i would definitely get some frame support in there, get that Rad support put back some how. i think beeing an automatic will help wear and tear on the rear end, cv joints, and stub axles. i blame hard lauches with my standard trans as the reason i snapped stub axles. cool, you have something fun to mess with the big boys now. stock mustangs and camaro's will be no match.
  14. I used PSI wire harness. It was very good harness, u can choose options like a/c or not and auto or manual trans and which trans it is. I used the harness just for the motor and accessories....I left the chassis wiring (headlights, taillights, interior lights) alone.
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