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  1. my opinion is going to say no. LS6 intakes are the best way to go. $100 more but you might save that money down the road by having less hassle. here is the pic of mine, i dont see having room for the trailblazer one but thats with my setup.
  2. i can appreciate you wanting to make things work as they should but i did the manual switch and i love it. i give it a lil flicker as i pull away from someone as my way to say goodbye!
  3. more that i think about it. remembering my old stereo days. the blue/remote wire is what turns the amp on and it should come right from the stereo, the RCA's also come right from the stereo. electrical can be a little crazy to try to figure out. i still say tape off any electrical wire that came off the amp and see what that does. its just an easy thing to 1st try and go from there if that doesnt work
  4. Mostlikly someone just spliced it in with an exciting wire. Those ignition wires are "not that important " so most people are cruel with the way they wire them in...try tapping it, and put some tape on the RCA cables also. See what that does
  5. What about the blue ignition wire going to the amp? Amps blow fuses often. That wire is also ran directly to the amp so I dont think that would be it...my money is on the ignition wire grounding out on the floor or slim chance that the RCA cables are grounding out if you just have them touching the floor
  6. make sure the main power wire (larger red wire) for the amp is disconnected from the battery or atleast the inline fuse should be pulled you should see it under the hood, running directly to the battery. inline fuse should be within a foot of the battery. tape the ends of all the wires you took off the amp, including the RCA cables. silverado22c has a good point about the ignition wire that turns the amp on. its mostlikly spliced into a existing 12v ignition source.it should just be a small blue wire. make sure thats tapped up.
  7. The hub is the same..the outer stub axles are also the same for all 280zx's..the inner stubs have 2 different designs.....I have sets if you need...
  8. Pretty sure that's a custom job....not too bad. It's hard to remove the bumpers front or back on a 280zx and make it look good
  9. mine came from RPM transmissions. its technically out of a late model GTO. the guy said it was the same case as a f-body camaro t56 but the 1st gear is shorter in a GTO tranny. i think the shifter location is different too, cause i remember him saying he would put a camaro shifter in it. he felt the camaro 1st gear was too long. i dont know how much difference it would make for you, im happy with what i have is all i know. i dont know how the magnum t56 would be with the shifter location. i was happy as can be the 1st time i put the motor with the trans hooked up in its place and seen how perfect the location of the shifter was. if you want more strength out of the tranny (mayb why you want the magnum/viper tranny) look at RPM transmission. mines built to handle 750hp and they will do more than that.
  10. I dont know the actual distance. I have the motor as far back as I can. Leaving mayb couple inches between motor and firewall and the shifter ends up just right. You have to get the tranny as far up as you can which leaves it looking like there is a standard throw shifter even though what u see in the pic is a short throw shifter. But there was no mods to the tranny tunnel other than cutting out the old mounts and making new onesI dont know the a
  11. seattlejester is right though. i wont say what i bought my z31 turbo cv axles for but it was quiet a bit less and from a complete stranger. the ones you are selling look brand new ill give you that but that is a lil bit high. maybe ebay would be a good place if you haven't put them up there yet. i have 2 sets already so i wont make an offer. i guess your asking price depends on how bad you wanna get rid of them. Good luck
  12. great job!!, i enjoyed watching. it was actually refreshing to see you be honest and point out a flaw here and there. you couldve just not shown those parts and lead us to believe it was "perfect" like most would do. i was restoring my car along the same time and it helped to see that you can try to make things perfect but there is going to be something along the way out of your control that makes it just off perfect and thats ok. my name is jeff too so it was great purchasing your shirts so i have shirts that say "home built by jeff" ... anyway, great job. ill look for what you have to rebuild next...
  13. You can get it from zcarsource or I found there is a few places if you just do Google search. I learned that they switched it along time ago. The only time you need the clips is if you were able to save the original strips. All the strips sold now a days are the updated ones that dont need clips.
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