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  1. last thing ill say is you probably wanna stay with -3 all the way around. you dont really want the rear to stick out anymore than it will. i know you mayb wanna a staggered look, thats why i did 7 wide in front. but if you look at this pic you will see the rear looks inside the wheel well at the top but near the bottom the tire is wider than the fender and thats 0-offset 8in wide. if you do 16 then your going to be 5/8in wider than what you see in this pic. good luck with your choice, its stressful i know cause once you purchase them, thats it!!!
  2. i run front 17x7 0-offset with 225/45/17 and rear 17x8 0-offset 235/45/17 and they fit with no issue. i know some can fit wider but im happy with my setup and its not pushing any limits so its one less thing to worry about. because i have 400whp (via LS motor) it squats real hard and i had to trim the front of the rear wheel well cause as it squats the wheel pulls forward cause of the trailing arm design. i have since bumped my rear spring rate from stock 125lb to now 400lb springs to keep the squating to a limit...but the pic will show what it used to do with 280lb springs. bottom line is what i told you that i run fits fine, no issues at all other than minor trimming if you run higher HP. you can probably squeeze a lil more if others are saying they have. also if you have a 9inch wide rim and running 225 wide tires your putting less rubber to the road than my 8in wide with a 235 wide so an extra 1in of rim doesnt mean anything.
  3. the plastic dash covers are almost as good as the real thing. i just found out not to leave the car sitting in the sun cause the sun will warp it. i just use a sun shade in the windshield and its been mint for 5yrs now. no one has ever noticed its a cover. not like those carpet covers ... motorsport auto sells them and i know there is others that sell them too. this is the only pic i was able to find. and i dont know that ive ever seen a whole dash for sale in good shape. if there is your going to have to pay whatever they are asking.
  4. Idk why your on a datsun forum asking this question but because I love escorts I'm going to answer it and tell you to lay out cause they look great that way and dont do any performance mods because its WRONG WHEEL DRIVE !!!!. If you had $500K I'd tell you to make it all wheel drive.
  5. im pretty sure thats not an easy one. they are different chassis.
  6. you talking front or rear? either way they should be the same part. no real change i dont think from 81-83. idk if the rear springs are mayb stiffer in a 2+2. that im not sure of. if you wanna do a slight performance upgrade get tokico or kyb struts. they are pretty cheap and will give you a lil more performance ride. you can also do eibach springs all around that will give you more sporty ride and only lowers the car 1in, also pretty affordable. thats how it all started for me.
  7. The other one is Joe from chequered flag racing. I just forgot the other website that he has that is more up to date...if driveshaft shop makes stub axles for a 280zx that would be good to know and worth looking into
  8. Yes, there is Whitehead performance in Canada but there is also another one in the states that I forget the name of. They are not cheap but if your running 400+ hp and have a stick shift it's going to be a necessary upgrade. If you have slightly less hp and an auto trans you will be less likely to snap it I'd say. I went all out and did 300m 39spline stubs and converted to 300zx cv joints and I've been beaten on it for 5 yrs now, no issue at all
  9. yes, you can use 280zx cv joints. i have a quaife rear in my r200 and love it. put many of miles @ 400whp to it and the 280zx cv joints held up fine. the stub axles were the weak point for me.
  10. if you look at the pan like there is 3 different depths to it. the middle depth of the pan will be too low for you to get the motor down low enuff. it will sit on top the steering rack. i wanted the motor down low enuff to clear the strut tower brace. i have a power steering car so my experience is from that but oil pan and headers is where i spent the most.
  11. i know its not what your looking for but i dont care, i dont have facebook to get 5 seconds of glory 😁. i have go pro camera video from watkins glen and at the drag strip but im too amateur to figure out how to upload those while on lunch at work. i like your videos and hope to see more from you and others. IMG_0867.MOV 8-7-16 003.mp4
  12. my opinion is going to say no. LS6 intakes are the best way to go. $100 more but you might save that money down the road by having less hassle. here is the pic of mine, i dont see having room for the trailblazer one but thats with my setup.
  13. i can appreciate you wanting to make things work as they should but i did the manual switch and i love it. i give it a lil flicker as i pull away from someone as my way to say goodbye!
  14. more that i think about it. remembering my old stereo days. the blue/remote wire is what turns the amp on and it should come right from the stereo, the RCA's also come right from the stereo. electrical can be a little crazy to try to figure out. i still say tape off any electrical wire that came off the amp and see what that does. its just an easy thing to 1st try and go from there if that doesnt work
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