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  1. I have this love affair with the Datsun Z. I always noticed them growing up but most of my life have been an avid muscle car enthusiast (classic Camaro/Chevelle/Mustang) But I have always gravitated back to the Z. What is it about these cars that is so special for you? For me: - body shape is beautiful. The cars look amazing with a slight drop and wider wheels. - lightweight... not many cars out there that you can get that are sub 2500lbs - v8 swaps O plenty, lots of kits out there. An LS in one of these makes them gobs of fun. How did you fall in love with the Z and what made you purchase yours?
  2. 15x9 with no rolled fenders? What is the rim offset and do you have any pics? This I have to see...
  3. Thanks and believe it or not, I'm one of the few human beings remaining who doesn't use FB. I love the bumper stickers I see while driving on the 101 freeway in Silicon Valley "Delete Facebook" lol.
  4. Hi guys, where do you recommend I order a set of Watanabe wheels? 16x8 0 front 16x8.5 -6 rear Does anyone have a recommendation? I’d like to use Watanabe directly or utilize a reliable and responsive 3rd party. thanks
  5. Thanks for the reply. My goodness, can those items really account for a whopping 700lbs?
  6. What are the weight differences between the three and what is driving that difference?
  7. Both accounts above are concerning. Can anyone shed some light on this? Any wheels I by absolutely must be hubcentric.
  8. Thanks for all the replies. I have experience with both poly motor/trans mounts and poly suspension mounts. They have their place but I would never put them in a street car ever again.
  9. Those look great... I’m sort of stuck on the Wats but yours are tempting. What you looking to get for em?
  10. Panasport 16x7 0-offset also formidable, yes. But if you wanna break necks, Watanabe
  11. Watanabe 16x8.5 -6 are the holy grail of Datsun Z wheels. Take notice 😀
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