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  1. Ok, so for my last post of today... I started tear down this weekend. I ensure to take a picture of each component on then as I take off each bolt. I usually take more than one picture. I place each bolt into a ziploc bag that is named for the component. I try to label the bolts if there are more than one and different sizes. If you need any pictures or bolt sizes I would be happy to add them here or send them directly to you. I have omitted some (allot) of pictures so this post isn't massive, but if people are needing more information, I will add more detail (like bolt sizes) as time permits.
  2. The current state of the car is worse than I originally though. I read through a lot of "what to look for" when buying and found this car has a lot of surface rust, but minimal rust holes (Battery tray, three holes in the floorboards, two holes in the dog legs). It seemed like enough that I could do my self but not so much it would be crazy extensive work. Well, I didn't think about the the condition of the plastic being super brittle would mean replacing a lot of parts I hadn't originally counted on when I crack them taking it out. I also didn't think about the parts that are alr
  3. Hey everyone, this build will document my tear down and rebuild of a 1977 280z. This is my first restoration project and as such, I plan to take this slowly and methodically so I can remember how to build it back up! My goals for this build: Complete teardown, soda/abrasive blast entire body Fix any rust and dents Paint - Not sure what color yet, but factory color is blue. I like the blue color and might think about a white racing stripe, but again, I am not 100% on the color scheme yet. Install a 5.3 LS (LM7) engine and t56 6-speed (eventual power goal i
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