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  1. nice website, what kind of software did you use to do that with? Dan
  2. and my Gosh, what about the fumes? Of course not. I just want to save some weight. I also have a backup cam I was going to sneak in somewhere. Dan
  3. does anyone know if its illegal to not have a back window? I want to replace the back hatch with a piece of fiberglass and maybe just have some louvers on it. Dan
  4. Someone told me once of something that works like the things that are similar to how you put together the unassembled furniture kits - its basically a cam with a slot for a standard screwdriver, and when you turn it, it locks into whatever you are attaching it to. Is there something like this used for like firberglass hoods and body parts so I don't have hood pins sticking up all over the place? Dan
  5. I'm designing a cowl induction hood. I have the plug ready for acylic primer and then after wet sanding I'll make the mold, the part and then attach the part to the hood and so on, but I'm wondering if I should block off the section of the scoop that is in front of the air cleaner. IOW, I'm going to make ductwork which directs air from the rear of the scoop, where the opening is and air supposedly bounces off the windshield, into the air cleaner and carb. There will be some extra space in front of the air cleaner just because I wanted the shape to continue towards the front of the hood for asthetics. See my rough diagram at http://www.hampleman.com/hood.htm. I hope this explains my question. Dan
  6. I don't have the motor yet. The guy that is going to sell me the car said his son blew up the motor that's in on his prom night. He said he has a brand new crate motor he will give me and I haven't seen it yet.
  7. upper inside: tail lights (running lights) lower inside: reverse (obviously) upper outside: turn signal lower outside: stop light only thing is the 2 on top are dual filament so I guess the upper outside doubles as turn signal and tail lights
  8. That's very good advice. I'll make a printout of it. Dan
  9. It's a new crate motor. I know you drive it for 50 miles and then change the oil. Then you drive for 200? and change the oil.
  10. Does anyone have any info (or can tell me from looking) which lights are for brakes, blinkers, etc. I know which are backup. I'm completely rewiring my Z and using my own wiring. Dan
  11. but I'm not really too clear on what all those terms mean until maybe I can drop the coilover. I don't think I need spring compressors. I will post some pics as soon as I can get my cam working.
  12. my rear coilovers are making a terrible racket when I go over bumps. Its sound like clanging; like somethings loose. Has anyone experienced this? zliminator
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