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  1. Something I want to know is if the driveshaft of the 280z to the 280zx are the same , the OEM engine mounts are the same. so for a swap would you be able to use the same mounts and driveshaft as you would use on a 280z for a 280zx?
  2. Ok, thanks for the feedback, ill try to put something together, I have some pictures on the about me page. This is my first build, and I go to WSU so I'm still figuring out a game plan
  3. Ok so I looked at the build that was like mine and I was wondering if the engine mounts for a 240z to vq35de engine are the same as what I would neer for the 1979 280zx? Is there anywhere I can get some?
  4. So I have a 2004 350z that I got for parts a cupple years ago with only 45k miles but it was in a garage when the garage cought on fire. Baisicly the car was considered burned because hot ash rained down on the convertible and melted it all over the interior. Before I took off parts the car ran and drove and now it's just sitting at my house. So I am planning on swapping it into a 280zx with all the wiring and everything. Is that possible to do, of so any tips or builds I can reference?
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