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  1. Any feedback on performance & drivability of the DLP vs your prior cam? I just recently purchased one from Steve Bonk but it’ll be a while before I install. What springs did you use? Did you install per the card or advanced? Would love to hear some feedback from someone running this cam.
  2. High school stereo system - roof mounted Panasonic Cockpit RM610. Amazing and rare for its time. Still pretty cool.
  3. Original spare? Pirelli CN36. Spare tire well looks fantastic.
  4. Flatspot! Bridgestone 70’s are pretty stiff after 30 years. 32/36 Weber’s. Will be transitioning to NOS Mikuni 44’s.
  5. Note the 1989 inspection due date sticker on the windshield.
  6. Finally, after 30 years of storage, my high school / college Z car is back out of the shed. Stored away at my parents home just after graduation in 1988 and there it has stayed until just a couple of months ago. Career, then marriage, kids... all the “other” priorities just kept coming. Purchased in 1979 when I was only 15 (I’ll be 54 in just a few weeks) so this is long overdue. General plan is to clean and repair to make this an enjoyable driver. Mild, period correct upgrades are planned. Solid car. No significant damage or rust. Plenty of mildew! I’ll be documenting here as
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