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  1. Exhaust is back on, Fuel tank, new lines etc, fabbed up a new battery tray and strap, car runs and sounds quite healthy, most of the wiring is done, I had the wheels powder coated silver to lose the blingy chrome, restored a wood rim steering wheel, need to sort out the clutch and shouldn't be far from being roadworthy after seven years off the road.
  2. Painted the engine block and fitted new core plugs, also tidied up the gearbox.
  3. I also had all the bolts Zinc plated, and the carbs and a few other bits vapour blasted.
  4. Now in August. Was really hoping to get it finished by now. The lockdown hasn't helped but I also found some rust under the front cross member, this meant removal of the engine and box to get to the areas needing welding. Whilst it was all out I ended up painting the engine bay and cleaning up all the bits on the engine so it took a while.
  5. I have also removed the fuel tank, flushed it thru and painted it, also fitted the rear exhaust box and blacked up under the arches and in the front nose cone etc. Brakes are the next thing to get done, I am hoping to get it on the road and MOT'd in the next couple of months.
  6. My build has moved on quite a bit now, you make a list of things that need to be done and then keep finding other stuff to add to the list. I am very pleased with what the trimmer has done for me, all in leather and a decent price as well. I had to paint the floors and fit the sound deadening before it could go for trim, I also did a dry build of the dash and seats etc. Here some pics for those interested.
  7. Yes it really is quite nice, Changes colour in different light, it is an actual Ferrari colour called Blu Genziano used on an original GTO chassis no 3387 I believe.
  8. I primed and blocked the car twice, There is a couple of bits on the car that I am not 100 percent happy with but I can revisit those bits another time, I still have the white stripe to do and it will need a de nib and polish which I have started to do today. I have a trimmer coming to the workshop next week to give me a rough idea of costings and hope to get the car to him either at the end of this month or early December. The other job I need to do is to sort out the previous owners bodge job on the wheel spacers, they have been done shockingly, I have con
  9. Well it has been a while, My customers work has taken up alot of my time this year, sadly required to pay the bills, but they do say it's good to be busy. The GTO has moved forward, I ended up remoulding the door over skins as the old ones need a lot of filler to get them to a reasonable shape, this in turn made them very heavy, it meant getting it painted was pushed back a bit. I was quite pleased how the skins came out as I made the moulds and produced two skins without any help this time, I won't be giving up the day job and to be honest it was a rather s
  10. Hi Peter, I had an idea of the basics but spending a few days with Lee has certainly helped me a lot.I feel confident enough to be able to take a mould from any car panel now.
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