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  1. Just finished rebuilding r200 differential with new bearings and added a Quaife ATB Carrier. The pinion bearing preload w/ seal is 15 in. lbs. and backlash is .005 but not sure if gear pattern is acceptable. If anyone with some experience rebuilding these would give me there opinion I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. Hey, Thanks for replying. Yep your correct. It was a QDF7L and the box said for use with equal length shafts. I can only assume they mean one of the CV axle styles used in 300zx differentials. My unequal length shafts fit fine.
  3. I have rebuilt the r200 from 280zx and installed what I thought was the correct Quaife ATB carrier. Apparently not, it requires 29 spline equal length output shafts. Can anyone tell me which output shafts are correct for this carrier? Thanks Tony
  4. Do you have the rear vinyl wheel house covers available? Thanks
  5. Looking for a nice drivers side rear vinyl wheel house cover in black for 280z. Would take a set if you don't want to sell separately. Also need a front timing chain cover. Thanks for looking
  6. Payment sent Ship to: Tony Fiore 18800 S. River Rd. Alva, Fl. 33920
  7. That looks like the one I need. Thanks for responding. I will post payment to your PP. Thanks Tony
  8. I am on the hunt for a 280zx transmission crossmember with the slight offset in the center. Thanks Tony
  9. Looking for a set of the 280z B marked rear wheel bearing spacers. Thanks for checking out my request.
  10. Looking for drivers side interior vinyl rocker trim and wheel house cover for 75 with black interior. Thanks for looking.
  11. My shipping info: Tony Fiore 18800 South River Road Alva, Fl. 33920
  12. Cant beat that. Let me know the total and your mailing address and I can get you a postal money order . Thanks Tony
  13. Daniel, Thanks for checking. The front mount gets me 1/2 way. I have a set from a 77 but totally different. What do you want for the front ?
  14. Hi Danniel, Thanks for responding. Those look like the correct ones for the front, do you have the rear for drivers side? Tony
  15. I am actually looking for the stamped brackets that are spot welded to the floor pans but thanks for responding.
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