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  1. Looking for 1982 280zx coupe rear quarter panel blueprints. I have a company who will make them new for me but they need the blueprints. I'm restoring my dads old car that he left me and finding a good donor car anywhere close to me is next to impossible. (Ive been looking for 2 years!) I need the FULL panel. both the left and the right side. from the edge of the doors all the way up around the quarter windows and down to the bottom, back to the tail light area. Any help would be awesome! If you are close to Huntington WV and you have a good donor car, i have cash in hand. I added a pic i found online. Ive called several companies that were supposed to sell them and they do not anymore.
  2. Thanks for the fast reply! Ive considered buying a whole parts car and doing just that, cutting the parts i need. I rebuilt the engine in this car years ago and has stroker crank and custom rods/pistons along with a fully rebuilt 5 speed from an 83. Was my daily for about a year after he passed away but due to the rust on the floor and frame rails, i parked it. Moved from Florida to West Virginia 5 years ago. Just now got the car up here 2 days ago. Starting to work on getting the body rust free as best i can. I dont mind having to use fiberglass on SOME of the bad areas but replacing it with actual metal is always the best way to go. I am hoping to have it back on the road one of these days. The entire dash was stolen out of it and it also got infested with rats which ended up destroying most of the wiring....so lots of work to do. Im in real estate now so i have the capital to do the job...just unsure where to get everything and the process on the rust repair lol. ughhh
  3. Hey Guys , May dad passed away a few years ago and left me his 280zx. It has some really bad rust on the rear quarter panels all around the small windows and rear corners. Floor pans and frame rails are also completely shot...Little bit of rust at the base of the wind shield but i can have a friend fab that entire piece. My question is this, Where can i buy the rear quarter panels and floorpans/rails??? Also, How hard is it to remove the quarter panels? Are they just tack welded in?? If so, it seems it would be very easy to replace for a good welder. Any help would be great! Getting a new frame isnt an option as it would not have the sentimental value it has now. Thanks guys
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