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  1. Need a center cap for a Snowflake rim... still have one?
  2. My 79 zx has a paint code sticker on the radiator mount showing 905. I have searched many of the links in the FAQ section regarding paint codes and my own searches on the internet as well, everything points to that color being correct for early 240z. One site shows the 79 as having a 906 code, but not sure if that is a typo. Also my VIN does not show in any of the decoders, but I don't think Datsun had a letter designation for paint...I assume that is why there is a sticker. Does anyone know if Datsun used that same early 905 color code in 1979? I want to get some touch up paint for minor dings. Also any idea why these older style VINs don't show up in the search tools? they are a simple body/engine/ chassis # combo in an 11 digit format, maybe only the newer VIN format works?
  3. I thought I should share a photo and say hello before asking a question. Just bought this bone stock (except the 1981 wheels) 1979 ZX with 56,000 miles and never seen rain...for real! Not my first Z, previousled owned a 1981 about 30 years ago. I know tires and wheels are beat to death on these Z car sites, but I am going to ask anyway as I have searched most of this site and have not seen the exact answer I have been looking for. Question is: What wheel and tire combo will best fill the wheel wells with that "tuner look" of a low (or lower) profile tire that is flush with the body ...I want that more rim, less tire sidewall look without having to roll the fenders and also allow the dust caps to fit. I also may lower 1 -2 inchs and replace suspension with coil overs but not for some time so I want something that fits today...and in the future. I would love to see more photos of wheel/tire set ups...and sorry for stirring up the old wheel question. I also included a photo I recently saw on a GTI I see most people recommend 16x7 with 0 offset, but I question if 17 inch rims work if you go with a lower profile sidewall?
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