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  1. Intercooler looks great! I've found a cheaper '83 automatic. I'm checking on shipping now. I think I can get it to my door for around $800-900 total Thanks for your insights!!
  2. That's Beautiful!! I'm considering doing the swap on my '78 manual 280Z. I Found a running stock donor '82 ZXT automatic for $2200 with 148K miles. I figured this would be a good starting point. I have a few questions...... In your opinion is that price a good starting point for me? The exterior is pretty rough on the donor I don't anticipate about getting much out of it when I'm finished. Other than the required parts for the turbo swap, are there other desirable parts on the 82' like brakes or anything that may be considered an "upgrade" that are readily bolted on? What type of money should I be budgeting for the restoration of the engine and other components that the swap may benefit from like an inter-cooler? How necessary are additional upgrades? Thanks for documenting the process it is inspiring! Aaron
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