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  1. Can someone tell me how and why the turbo clutch is different? I know the casting that the throw out bearing is different but I always wondered why.
  2. I wish I could have, The one in the link was amazing.
  3. I'd love to make these wider. Thanks to Inferno 08 ! Maybe https://weldcraftwheels.com/ is my answer.
  4. I think I remember the ECU being different for manual and auto transmissions,.... I have a manual ECU that I won't be using. The 83 head is different though, from what I've read it has hydraulic lifters and it not as desired as an 82. I can't give the reasons why.... Just random reading. Dave
  5. It looks like it, Thank You. so Google says it's a 240SX transmission?
  6. I have a 78Z and was looking for a 5 speed transmission, I found a guy that had one and bought it. It had 280Z written on it with a paint pen. Well I got it home and spent hours scrubbing and cleaning it and finally got around to installing it. I don't have a lift so I was on the ground cussing and fussing. My son offered to lend a hand and we had it within a half inch of home and he said "Dad, none of the bolt holes are lining up over here. I had noticed the same thing on my side so we pulled it back off and walked off the pain. I have a Borg T5 from a '82 ZXT, a stock '78 four speed fr
  7. I'd be a bad person to answer these questions but I think an auto '82 for $2200 is steep. I spent $1k on my donor '82 5 speed and after reading some I think I paid too much. BUT I will say the '82 head is preferred over the '83 hydraulic so I've read. Mine wasn't running and I had it totally rebuilt. I've got $9K in the rebuild but it wasn't to OEM. I had forged pistons and rods added along with just about anything else you could think of. Overkill? I'm sure. I have the I/C fitted, I still need to work out the electric cooling fans and then comes the fuel management.
  8. I'm going with MS, and I installed the engine and transmission today.
  9. I'm doing a L28ET swap and have a nice running L28E for sale. What's it worth?
  10. I'm pretty sure they are BSPT Male. It's a metric tapered thread. https://www.mcmaster.com/metric-pipe-fitting-plugs If you google it, it'll explain allot, or look here https://www.ralstoninst.com/news/story/the-difference-between-npt-bspp-and-bspt-seals It's NOT NPT
  11. I’m glad you could answer that, I was drawing a blank
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