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  1. D9inger


    Dang.... spanked by a "Clandestine Moderator". my bad
  2. D9inger


    How loud is this setup vs. an "in tank" pump? Dave
  3. D9inger


    Sanch, create a gmail account, use that account to create a FB profile. It doesn't have to have any of your personal info on it and use it to contact Pallnet. Not that hard if you really want one. Dave
  4. D9inger


    Make something up.... worked for me.....
  5. D9inger

    So my 78 has an R200?

    I bought it from the original owner so I'm going with it's stock. It came with the original bill of sale. I have a R200 from a 1982ZXT as well, but I was under the impression the '78s came stock with a R180.
  6. According to this my 78Z has an R200, I was under the impression it was a R180. Is this correct? http://www.zhome.com/ZCMnL/tech/GearRatios.html
  7. D9inger

    Dash repair 78 280Z

    https://www.instagram.com/vintagedashes/?hl=en I know the guy personally, if fact I bought my Z from him. I'm not sure if he has them or it's a special order thing.
  8. D9inger

    Dash repair 78 280Z

    I guess I was spelling it wrong! It's "Veil". https://www.fibreglast.com/product/Carbon_Fiber_Veil_1064/Surfacing_Veils?gclid=Cj0KCQjwuafdBRDmARIsAPpBmVVTMdV86gcDc-CaKbG1OtBp9g_2aWTX7gdkW8n7KTzpRbSkxYca9P4aAqmWEALw_wcB I've had it for a long time, there may be a better product for what we're doing but the company Fibre Glast is a fine company to deal with. I'm not associated with them in any way, I bought that veil 15 years ago for a R/C jet I was trying to build.
  9. D9inger

    Dash repair 78 280Z

    I did just the top and across the tops of the gauges. I used 30 minute epoxy thinned slightly with anhydrous alcohol, (99% water free) but it took several weeks working on it on weekends and some weeknights. I'm a big fan of that bed liner. As far as taking it on as a project, when I first started working on it I was asking myself "what have I gotten myself into" but the padded dash filler sands easy, it hardens quick so be ready to use it as soon as it's mixed. The more you mix up the faster it cures it seems. I bought 3 cans from somewhere on the web, it's expensive on Amazon so don't get it there. I figured in the worst case scenario and I goof it all up, I'd just put the dash cap back on it. BUT I do know a guy in CA that is making new dashes now. They're expensive but available.
  10. D9inger

    Dash repair 78 280Z

    Thanks, it took a long time. I used Polyvance padded dash filler and Dupli-color Bed Armor from O’Reily’s. I put probably 8 coats on it. I figure if it’ll last on a truck bed in the sun and rain it should last on my dash. 6142A750-804C-4EE8-AF6A-7003D0D199AF.jp2
  11. D9inger

    Dash repair 78 280Z

    I used Great Stuff foam insulation to fill the splits. I used R/C model airplane plywood to add stiffeners with epoxy. Covered with Padded Dash Filler Got frustrated with how fragile it was and covered it in carbon fiber vale, also a R/C airplane product. More carbon fiber Padded dash filler over all of it, Ready to bed line. Bed lined. Liquid chrome pen from Hobby Lobby Installed.
  12. So I'm gonna need to repair this.
  13. Wow... Did that get wet or something?
  14. Thank You, I did discover the 1978 FSM schematic was incorrect too. It won't work like they drew it and the wiring in the car confirmed it. The giveaway was the top left pin on the drawing had 2 wires in it and nothing in the bottom left. There was one wire in each on my car. The one on the left is original, the one on the right is corrected. I used standard Bosch relays, I bought a 10 pack off ebay. I had to do the headlight mod earlier and figured I'd need them. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/127971-led-headlight-bulbs-anyone-tried-them/?tab=comments#comment-1196144 Dave
  15. turns out it was the relay, unmounted it and with it plugged up still and a ground added to the mount bracket I noticed it was intermittent. So I did a quick search and discovered they are not available anywhere. Figuring I had nothing to loose I straightened the tabs and removed the cover and found the ground strap was broken. I tried adding a ground by drilling a small hole in between the relays and soldering the coil grounds to it but I think I had tired 40 year old relays in addition to the broken ground strap. I got to looking for solutions and found this along with information of people offering relay harness adapters for sale and links to the 6 pin non locking connector. The ready made ones were $75-80 delivered, the 6 pin connector was $3 and another $35 for the crimper I was getting ready to cut the OEM connector off and splice in a set of relays and decided to see if I could get the relay contacts to release from the OEM connector. A dental pick and some patience and I was able to get them to release and they are exactly the same size as the ones in the new relay sockets. So one at a time I removed and reinstalled the OEM wires and connectors into the new relays sockets, checked everything with my meter, added a terminal end to the black grounds and plugged in the relays. Works, not expensive and with the exception of the relay sockets, no new connections to fail. As an added bonus the holes line up with the originals so remounting was a breeze.