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  1. I'd love to make these wider. Thanks to Inferno 08 ! Maybe https://weldcraftwheels.com/ is my answer.
  2. I think I remember the ECU being different for manual and auto transmissions,.... I have a manual ECU that I won't be using. The 83 head is different though, from what I've read it has hydraulic lifters and it not as desired as an 82. I can't give the reasons why.... Just random reading. Dave
  3. It looks like it, Thank You. so Google says it's a 240SX transmission?
  4. I have a 78Z and was looking for a 5 speed transmission, I found a guy that had one and bought it. It had 280Z written on it with a paint pen. Well I got it home and spent hours scrubbing and cleaning it and finally got around to installing it. I don't have a lift so I was on the ground cussing and fussing. My son offered to lend a hand and we had it within a half inch of home and he said "Dad, none of the bolt holes are lining up over here. I had noticed the same thing on my side so we pulled it back off and walked off the pain. I have a Borg T5 from a '82 ZXT, a stock '78 four speed from my car and this unidentified 5 speed from Charlotte, NC. I'll let the picture speak for itself. Any idea what the one on the right is? The clutch disk fits the input shaft, my 280z driveshaft fits the back side but that bell housing is NOT a Z or ZX. I can't even resell it because I have no idea what it is. Any help would be appreciated
  5. I'd be a bad person to answer these questions but I think an auto '82 for $2200 is steep. I spent $1k on my donor '82 5 speed and after reading some I think I paid too much. BUT I will say the '82 head is preferred over the '83 hydraulic so I've read. Mine wasn't running and I had it totally rebuilt. I've got $9K in the rebuild but it wasn't to OEM. I had forged pistons and rods added along with just about anything else you could think of. Overkill? I'm sure. I have the I/C fitted, I still need to work out the electric cooling fans and then comes the fuel management.
  6. I'm going with MS, and I installed the engine and transmission today.
  7. I'm doing a L28ET swap and have a nice running L28E for sale. What's it worth?
  8. I'm pretty sure they are BSPT Male. It's a metric tapered thread. https://www.mcmaster.com/metric-pipe-fitting-plugs If you google it, it'll explain allot, or look here https://www.ralstoninst.com/news/story/the-difference-between-npt-bspp-and-bspt-seals It's NOT NPT
  9. I’m glad you could answer that, I was drawing a blank
  10. Can we get a picture? im not really sure what you’re talking about.
  11. I saw a Dodge truck the other day that looked close. I went by the dealership and their 2019 has Delmonico Red Pearlcoat that looks close.
  12. I'm pretty sure I'm going with SDS over Megasquirt, I actually already have the MS system from about a year ago. I found out about SDS from a guy I bought my intercooler from. SDS is an aviation based company that also supports the street types like myself. It's expensive, .... I'll let you all know
  13. Does anybody know what this color is called. I've searched the web, I really like it.
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