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  1. Hey guys I am looking into getting a twin scroll manifold set up on my z. I have a 75 280z with an rb25det. What I need help with is which manifold to go with that will fit and not have clearance issues as I will need two wastegates. On top of that I’m not too sure as far as wastegate size? Since I will be running two wastegats will a 38 mm or 44mm be better due to the split with air flow? Btw I am running a borg Warner sx300 66/74 turbo. Ty
  2. Hey guys I’m in the middle of getting my turbo setup together and need some feedback. Has anyone used this manifold? Also I’m gonna be using a Borg Warner 66/74 turbo, does anyone know what would be a good wastegate size?
  3. Hey guys just a quick update on this. Looks like im gonna restore my old tank should be intresting. Im going to sump the rear and follow that up with a 100 micron fuel filter pre walbro 255 fp then dollow that up with a ten micron fuel filter to back of fuel rail. From there i have already purchased a isr fuel pressure regulator which will be the return line. Im going with vibrant 6an fuel line and fitting. Planning on runnunf e85. Are the 2 filters recommended or am i overkilling it with a pre 100 and post 10 micron fuel filter. Thnx
  4. Hello guys i am currently in the fuel phase of my build. Along the way ive bought some vibrant 6an pfte rated fuel line 20 ft, some 6an connectors to be able to connect it all. Im going to be putting a rear sump in the gas tank and run the return and feed from there. ISR fuel pressure regulator and z32 fuel filter. My concern is with the stock tank. Does it have to be prepped or modified to be able to hold e85? I really would not want to get a fuel cell made as i like the original look. Btw im also running a walbro 255 in line fuel pump. Thnx in advance for the input
  5. Hey guys im going to be running fuel lines on my 280z w an Rb25det. Looking to put a rear sump on my gas tank and run walbro 255 fuel pump, z32tt fuel filter and a isr fuel pressure regulator. What type of lines should i run. Keep in mind i have a babre bone shell w everything stripped so ill b starting from scratch. Any input would be nice as far as what kind of line to use not planning on using e85.
  6. Hey guys im doing a 240sx rear disk conversion on my 75 280z. Im using the modern motorsports brackets and 84-85 non turbo rotors. I put everything together today and am not liking how its lining up. It feels like the calipers are too close to the rotor and thats because i havent added the brake pads. Any ideas?
  7. Ty for the info. So if im not running a surge tank all i need is a fuel filter and fuel pump on the sending line? Also what kind of line should i get i have read on the forums that the line should be 3/8. Can someone confirm that.
  8. Hey guys im starting the fuel delivery build and saw alot of people posting about surge tanks. My question is will i need a surge tank? Ive read the 280z gas tabk has built in baffles and if so does that eliminate the need for a surge tank?
  9. Hey guys im getting ready to start my fuel lines does anyone know if i need to delete anything or what type of fuel pump to run. ? Also whats a good brake line size and is Stainless steel ok or is there something better?
  10. Hi guys new to the forum here. I got a 75 280z which im putting an Rb25det in. I wanna finish the brake set up prior to installing the engine and transmission in. For the front i have the toyota 4 caliper set up and in the rear modern motorsports 240sx set up. Ill be buying the Wilwood 1” master cylinder and getting a reman brake booster from autozone. My question is this. Do i need the proportion valve? And also what exactly is it that i have to delete on the fuel line set up. Btw ill be running new lines. Any input on what im missing is good. Ty
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