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  1. Yeah dont get me wrong this one has a few spots that need repair. I'll need to do a little metal replacement, but it much better than the old one. And just as I say this the car cover gets blown off and it gets rained on, lol. Looks like I got some drying to do tomorrow, sigh. The floor was horribly lap welded back together so I'm thinking I'm going to replace that, I'll get some interior pictures soon.
  2. Alright, so we're going to try this again. Utilizing the rusted roof car as a parts car now I was able to find a early 260 that I'm going to use as my project base. It is in WAY better shape as some did a attempt a repairing the floors and there are just a few small rust spots here and there that are repairable. So 240 V8 build take 2.
  3. Loving this thread, as a purchaser of a 240z with a roof rust issue, this could be the project model I was looking for!!!
  4. DC_Mike

    240Z Shell

    Looking for a solid shell for a 240z project car. Dont need interior, suspension or glass, just a solid shell that I can have shipped or pickup and bring to VA. Any help locating one would be great appreciated.
  5. So I think I found just a shell in Southern TX that just needs floors. That I'm OK with so will update when I find out more. Asking $1800 and includes an RB26 motor.
  6. Yeah as frustrating as it is, I think I might have to go that route. I though about even just replacing the hood and rebuilding the supports but there are so many other areas that need extensive work, I just can't see making it happen. If I had more confidence in my ability to rebuild that whole section maybe it would be a different story.
  7. I have this one for sale that I just pulled from a 71 240Z. Would have to get it shipped from VA.
  8. @rturbo 930 yeah I'm going to finish tearing it down, and maybe use this as practive doing patch panel work in other areas. Then depending what else I find maybe I have just pay a professional to fix the roof and supports, cause it definitely expends over to the A Pillar.
  9. @Neverdone I do have a welder (MIG and TIG) and while I don't have experience forming sheet metal I'm more than willing to give it a try and learn. My main concern came in when it comes to replacing stressed structural members like that. @JMortensen well good to know there is maybe some hope. Most of the problem seems to be on the internal panel, moving forward toward the A pillar.
  10. SO pulled out more some panels and trim and found this!! Concerned this is a more than repairable section since it is part of the main support, any comments?
  11. As I pulled out the interior trim I noticed that the roof rear support had some major rust at the corners, is this a repairable spot or is it more of a hassle than it's worth considering I'm just starting this project and have other major areas of rust to contend with? This is a 71' 240z that I picked up at an auction in the hopes of a resto-mod project.
  12. So I might be able to pick up a commercial rotisserie for cheaper than normal, 2 questions: 1) This car looks like someone rolled the rear bumper so there are no brackets, should I be able to grind that down to get to the original mounting holes? 2) If there generic mounting hardware or do I likely need to fab something up myself? @1969honda that's a solid idea with the adjuster and s-camshaft, i might have to look into that further. Thanks.
  13. Yeah it would get really expensive really quick, especially since most shops around here (good ones at least) charge around $130/hr labor for sheet metal work.
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