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  1. Hello, i have some cash ready to purchase an engine for my '73 240z project. I found out that the vk56de is a very capable engine and can handle alot of power. They are inexpensive and widely available. My power goal has been 400 hp and i think it would be cheaper to build this engine to 400 hp than it would be to build an rb25det to 400hp. And it could probably stay n/a too. Also mating it to a CD009 trans is cheaper than mating an rb25 to a CD009. However, i cant seem to find much info on successful swaps of this engine into a 240z. Can anyone tell me how big of an endeavor this would be? is
  2. Hello forums, first post here. I’ve been sifting through these forums for awhile and cannot seem to find the answer to my question. A friend and I are restoring/making a track car of a ‘73 240z I picked up recently. We’re currently stripping it down to a bare shell to mount on a rotisserie for sand blasting, but ran into an area of bad rot on the air duct under the front fender. Is this area highly structural? Im wondering if anyone has tackled replacing metal in this spot or cutting it all out and replacing it with tubes? Any suggestions? Thank you! Here’s the goals with this car
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