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  1. I bought mine from Zcardepot also, on eBay. I found another supplier that I may try, but if theirs are from the UK also, I do as you did and by a master cylinder.
  2. I have a 240Z built 2/71 which means the hard to find old style MC with the front brake reservoir is toward the front of the Z. I decided to rebuild rather than buy the 9/71 and later version and have to reroute the hard lines. After bleeding the MC,when I bleed the brakes fluid moves from the front reservoir goes to the rear reservoir which then overflows. As far as I ca n tell I replaced all the rubber collars facing the correct direction in the MC. Any idea where I went wrong,other than not buying a new MC? Thanks for any help. By the way I am not a newbie, forgot my password, changed email provider, cannot use old user id. duff
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