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  1. Ok, so I am new to this forum, but about a year ago I bought a 280zx with what is so far only rust issues (which have mostly been worked on). The gearbox seems very good, then engine runs perfectly from what I can tell, and the interior is in pretty great shape for its age. But the guy who owned it before me autocrossed the car, and in the ad he mentioned some of (if not all) the aftermarket or generally modified parts on the engine. The list of the parts are as follows: -Schneider Racing Camshaft (274 duration .48 lift) -Shaved L28 engine - Approximately 11:1 compression (fuel injected for the record) -Monza Headers -K&N air filter on high flow cold air intake So I am not the best when it comes to cars, and I do not exactly have easy access to a dyno, so I was wondering what you guys think this could could be making? I'm not really chasing any goal, its just something I've been wondering since I've gotten the thing, hell it could be making stock horsepower and I would still be happy. Also here is the original ad since he never took it off this site for some reason https://www.usedregina.com/classified-ad/1982-Datsun--Nissan-280ZX-_32069386.lite?
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