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  1. Also the size and thread for the factory oil feed hard line is a m10x1.0. I believe that it also is a 45º double flare (not 100% on the flare). ­
  2. Although the original post is more than 2 years old, I figured I would leave this here for future reference. The images that I found that seem to match come from 1974 FSM from xenonzcar.com GY wire may relate to the EGR soleniod and the G wire "maybe be the water temp sensor that goes to EGR relay. As stated in the replies above, the relay DOES appear to be the seatbelt warning relay...They are shown on both the manual as well as the manual FSM. I cannot verify if that is 100% true; however, below is a pic from the A/T diagram that also mirrors the manual for this specific relay. The wires do appear to match the colors on the diagram and the connector and pinout also appear to be the same.
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