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    Working on my Z... Duuuuuuh. Just kidding. I also work on motorcycles and I have been known to work as a giggilo. I like to work out sometimes. And some day I hope to become a Nija, once again, just kidding.

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  1. Hi ChickenMan, I confirmed TDC, its all good on that end. I have the car running (quite well actually) in limp mode with edis. My biggest problem now is picking which megasquirt to buy. I posted a HELP question in the last microsquirt threat that we were talking in. Any help with this post would be awesome! thanks.
  2. Ok ... Lets start over. Tell me what to buy. The more I read and look into megasquirt the more I get confused. I think I want MS2 board 3.0 or 3.57? but I don't think that I can control low impedance Fuel injectors with out "dropping resistors" What the F is a dropping resistor and how would I add that to MS2???? I just wanna be able to run my L28 turbo 440cc low impedance batch fire FI, wide band O2, air temp, coolant temp, knock sensor, EDIS ignition timing, TPS, MAP, cooling fans, and fuel pump. I've even been emailing with a DIYautotune rep and he just confused the sh*t out of me. a
  3. Well that’s what I wanted to know. I already have low impedance injectors ... sooooo I don’t wanna buy new injectors. And I don’t know what dropping resistors are so it would be had for me to install one. I guess I’ll be buying megasquirt II. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Thanks chickenman 👍🏻
  4. Microsquirt is a less expensive (less features) version of megasquirt II. it’s about $380 for the ecu with 8ft harnes. I think it can do everything a 350 hp, FI, turbo, EDIS, L28 could need.
  5. Well that answers the relay question! Thanks chickenman! But what do you think about microsquirt?
  6. Hi everyone! 👋🏻 I’m about to buy a microsquirt ecu but I want to make sure it works with what I have planned... L28 with P90 head N42 intake 70mm throttle body with TPS, MAP sensor on the intake, 440cc injectors low impedance, HY35 turbo 15lbs of boost, EDIS with Chrysler coil for spark, stock 72 240Z tack, wide band O2, does any of that sound like it won’t work with microsquirt? Also... should I buy the relay board? What benefit would the relay provide me?
  7. So I got the 36-1 wheel mounted and my EDIS is working . But... Does anyone know of an easy way to center the wheel on the damper. Mine is off just a touch and I can see a wobble of about 0.02 thousandths. It's not off by much but at 7k rpms that could be bad. I was thinking of putting a bolt in the crank bolt divot and see if I can center it up that way. I really don't want to pull the damper off if I don't have to. any Ideas? Thanks, Matt-
  8. Hi there, need some help. I am building my edis system and I want to make sure that I have my wheel mounted correctly. I have the timing pointer at 0 degrees (TDC) and then I have the VR sensor pointing at 6 teeth left from the missing tooth it looks like this ... please let me know if I did it wrong. Thanks, Matt-
  9. Alright! The bolt holes are M6-1.0 the reason they wouldn’t work for me before is because they were so full of rust and dirt that nothing could be threaded. I cleaned them out with an M6 tap and boom M6-1.0 works perfect! Mystery solved!
  10. I just tried 1/4-20 nope why the F would they make a thread that can't be found Why Nissan WHY!!!!
  11. I can not figure out what size bolts go in the front of the pully. I bought M6-1.00 and that only threaded in one thread. So I'm guessing the pitch is off? are they M6-0.80? there were bolts there to secure the pully for the power steering pump right!? So what size are they
  12. Thanks Chickenman... I just bought the clips from the ebay link you posted. they might take a while to get here (coming from china) but for $10... I can wait.
  13. seattlejester... did you buy the "top slot" or "bottom slot" injector clips? If you have any photos that would be super! thanks!
  14. Hi Guys! I'm slowly acquiring all my parts for my L28 TURBO build and I've hit a wall. I can't find injector clips for the 440cc Toyota supra 7MGTE injectors. I tried ebay and got burned on a set of 6 clips that stated in the sales page that they would fit the 7MGTE injectors (it was only $12... but ... grrrrr) Annnnnd they don't fit . So does anyone know a good source to buy new ... or used... Injector clips. thanks a bunch! Matt- P.S. Shout out to Pallnet... Just ordered a fuel rail from him. Great seller!
  15. All the plug wires are “new”. Like 10 years old new. No damage from using the spark tester. Cap and rotor are fine. Any thoughts on how my engine sounds? Also... anyone else notice the puff of smoke in the right upper corner of the screen? What’s that about?
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