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  1. Prefer to buy local. Please PM me if you have one available. Southern California (Orange County/LA) Must be working in good shape. Thanks!
  2. ASK AND YOU SHALL RECIEVE! http://www.modified.com/features/modp-1105-1970-nissan-datsun-240z/index.html
  3. BBS's are always classic. And so are the Wats... I mean I wouldn't mind grabbing a set (although I should have a long time ago when I got them wholesale).
  4. The last thing I wanted was another Z with Watanabe's and Fender flares, so the stock yellow, and the longchamps worked out great!
  5. KA24DET with A/C if I can make it work... the 510 will be a lot nicer than the 240 since I didn't replace the floors in the 240z. Nice... you're into planes and Datsuns like me!
  6. Dang... where are you? Like in the Army in Korea or something?
  7. You're from Goleta? I spent the last 4 months living there working at the airport. Anyway thanks for following the build... I need to resurrect it... but I am now in the works of building a 510! I think this time I will be more thorough with the resto/build since I am taking it down to the metal!
  8. Yup... Longchamps XR-4 15x8.5 -8 rear 15x7.5 -5 front
  9. Thanks! The Datsuns have been gaining momentum in the recent years... It just took me a while to get here since I've had the car for about 8 years!
  10. May issue of Modified Magazine 2011... I will post a link later when Modified throws it on their site. -Quoc
  11. If it's 2" back from the stock tunnel you're fine
  12. Depends on how far back or forward it is.. and if you're comfortable with the position.
  13. No one knows the thread pitch/size for the water plugs on the block?
  14. Ares... when are you going to strip the 800 layers of paint and get that a single color? LOL
  15. Nice! Keep it up! I need to start on my 510 soon as well!
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