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  1. Hey so I'm having a bit of trouble with my ignition after someone hit my 1978 280z in a parking lot which caused the 12v ignition wire (black/white) at the ignition coil positive to get pinched and shorted to body. This caused the ignition switch fusible link to smoke (and some smoke off the ignition switch itself) when I was cranking the car over before I knew the 12v black/white wire had shorted. I have temporarily hotwired a on/off toggle switch direct off the battery to the coil so I could start it, it fired right up which tells me it's something to do with the wiring/ignition
  2. My z is still on stock springs, though they are a bit worn out and are lower then what factory ride height would be, I scrape coming out of some driveways and on all the ridiculous speed bumps they throw in parking lots around here. Also in and out of my apartment underground I need to go slow at an angle to not rub the frame rails. This has stopped me from wanting lowering springs as it's my daily driver. The roads here are terrible.
  3. Maybe this is all I had on hand and it worked perfectly to diagnose what was wrong and maybe I will be buying new bushings and using marine grease to install them. Wd40 smells great though let's both agree on that, I use it as cologne sometimes.
  4. AHHHH I spoke too soon. Clunk came back.. Although it's very quiet now.. good news though, I figured out what it is!! I forgot to mention in the work that I did I also sprayed the rear sway bar bushings with wd40, didn't think it would do much if anything but that's what helped eliminate this sound. Everytime the wd40 dries up the noise comes back ever so slightly, get down on the ground and spray it with some more = noise gone for about a day. So I can just buy a barrel full of wd40 and spray it every so often or I can buy new bushings and install them with some grease. Hmmm choic
  5. Yea just wanted to take it for a nice long drive and make sure it was 100% gone, which I just did and it's clunk free. What I did last on it was Tighten the following - mustache bar bushings and where it connects to diff cover (very tight now), all cross member bolts, tie rod end links, half shaft bolts.. all to guten tight specs Also noticed the bump stop cover on the passenger strut had worked its way half off so I pulled it down and now it's just chilling on the spring perch, nothing else I can do until spring comes off unfortunately That's it
  6. Fixed. No more clunk. No more highway vibration. Car hauls ass. 😚 Now on to the exhaust fumes.
  7. Got under the car today to check all the bolts in rear, tightened a few things like crossmember mount bolts and tie rod ends but everything else looked good. Putting my focus to the passenger side I noticed the strut casing is much stiffer to push upwards and compress vs the drivers side which is easier to compress.. I also noticed the passenger half shaft had a bit of play from the diff stub axle, I could grab the half shaft and move it around a couple of mm inside the diff (hope this makes sense) on the passenger side while the driver side had barely any movement. I think this is where my no
  8. Installed the vibrant 1141 resonator today. First impressions - sounds perfect at idle, was just what I was looking for. Nice smooth rumble but not obnoxiously loud. Cruising around the city is definitely a bit louder than the dynomax which is to be expected, but the tone sounds nice and not too loud like my neighbors supercharged 240z with a magnaflow 2.5" bottle muffler. Still need to take it on the highway and if it doesnt drone I will be very very pleased with it.
  9. Damn. Jelly. Got a thread on the build/swap by any chance? Would love an RB one day, my 280z is completely unworthy of such an engine at the moment though.
  10. @seattlejester Too much noise when cruising around town is no bueno for me. I will be very happy if its tame at idle and under 3000rpm, just want it to open up and roar at WOT. Your Z is turbo as well correct? I used to have a single fart cannon muffler on the exhaust, 2.5" in and like a 4" ricer tip, sounded pretty damn good when getting in boost but the drone on highway was awful. Heard good things about the vibrant exhaust and I always like their other products they seem high quality. @DREW RBZ Just googled the dynomax VT muffler, never heard of it but looks pretty neat. Your rb
  11. Ended up ordering the vibrant 1141. Didnt want to wait around for a possible answer and I think the magnaflow would be too loud. Hopefully the vibrant holds up to its name "ultra quiet" and doesnt drone, just want a bit more decibels compared to the dynomax which is so quiet. The engine revving seems louder then the exhaust note itself. Will update this with how I like it once its installed. Hoping to find the source of my clunk that day as well because I will be under the car for the exhaust anyways, clunk/tap/knock sound is getting extremely annoying..
  12. Looking to replace the dynomax 2.5" muffler thats currently on the rear of my 280z turbo. Its a very restrictive muffler, too quiet, goes from 2.5" to 2.25" on the inside for some reason. Exhaust is also equipped with a 2.5" vibrant bottle style resonator which sits besides the transmission. Im considering the following for the rear -magnaflow 10416 2.5" -vibrant 1141 2.5" These are both straight through designs. Im just a bit worried it will be TOO loud and drone like mad, I dont want this car to be a cop magnet either as its my daily driver but I want something l
  13. Ok so some good news - doesn't seem to be the diff itself as it looks as if this sound is suspension (or possibly mount?) related. The clunk has got a bit more frequent and I've noticed it does it over bumps like when entering my steep driveway or dips in the road. Bad news is I still haven't pin pointed it to anything specific yet, just too hot and tired to get under my car again recently. I'm moving quite soon into a new apartment with an underground parking lot so I'm not sure how/if I will be able to work on my car at this point which really really sucks, but the owners of this suite where
  14. Ah ok wasn't sure if you meant a hard launch or just starting in first gear, yes it does make the clunk when taking off from 1st gear but sometimes no clunk, depends how roughly I engage the clutch to get moving and when shifting from 1-2. Suspension is pretty stiff not sure if it squats that much. When flooring it and shifting hard I don't even notice the clunk as its pretty quiet, but still noticeable enough to drive me insane when cruising around slowly and in stop and go. It's most noticeable when in 1st gear and I take it to about 4000 rpm then abruptly take my foot off the gas pedal. Alm
  15. @seattlejester KYB shocks were installed months before the clunk began, I know what you mean by the spacers and didnt need to use any as the struts sit fine in their housings. I should have mentioned, that before doing the mustache bar bushings, diff mount+straps, trans mounts, I had much much worse clunk then I have now. after all that work was completed I had no clunking or noise from the rear end for a few months of driving. now all of a sudden I have this new clunk but its slightly different sounding compared to the original clunk which was solved at the time by the work mentioned above. I
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