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  1. nevermind figured it out. onto the next issue!
  2. oh wow sometimes i can be such a neanderthal i swear. Found the source of my supposed 'rod knock' ... a nice 1/8" hole under the #2 air smog pipe that connects all the exhaust runners on the manifold together, like i cant believe i didn't even stick my hand around that area to quickly check for a leak. Heh though i don't regret checking the rod bearings and i certainly don't regret cleaning the filthy oil pan, all's well that ends well thanks everyone!
  3. The upper half of the rod bearings had a bit more wear but nothing crazy, no shiny spots or copper colored patches they all looked like that. Lol so we've decided to cross our fingers and bolt it back up, just got the bearings torqued and put the oil pan back on after cleaning it until spotless, filled it up with oil and new filter next I got to extract 2 exhaust studs then we will put the intake/exhaust on and start it up.. wish me luck I'm praying to the z gods!
  4. can i get some advice on the condition of these bearings? im not exactly liking that scratch on number 4 i can catch my nail on it.. number 2 looks like normal wear right? https://ibb.co/xjJwLDZ
  5. hey so it seems i might have jumped to conclusions too soon on this (hopefully). first of all the drain container we used to remove some of the oil out was very old / dirty so it is impossible to tell what was from our oil and others cars oil we are going to remove all of the oil today into a new container and see what comes out. the misfiring i think was from not enough choke it doesnt do that when it warms a bit and choke is off. compression is 150-150-165-150-160-150. i sent the video to a mechanic of mine (im not a mechanic , obviously lol) and he was sure it was a exhaust leak so we're in the process of replacing the exhaust gasket (if the oil checks out into a new container). first things first though i want to check the oil quality properly and replace it with new oil if i cant see anything weird in the old stuff. from videos ive been watching recently it just doesnt sound like a rod knock (that gross heavy metal on metal knock) sounds very very similar to a ram truck which has a leaking exhaust manifold. fingers crossed! also thanks for the replies i do appreciate it.
  6. https://youtu.be/4kStjnFagcU so as shown on video cylinder 2 seems to have a nice rod knock, I drained some oil and noticed copper flakes in the oil so I'm 100% it's the rod bearing. Car was sitting since 1988 and we got it running yesterday to find this noise, oil looked new and was at proper level. So now I'm wondering two things, how did this happen and what is the best plan of attack? Replace all 6 of the rod bearings and put it back together? Disassemble and send the crank / block to machine shop then reassemble with new main, rod bearings, and piston rings?
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