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  1. There is a bolt in the centre of the control arm you can see it in the last picture. My factory service manual says thismhas to be removed first......hope it helps
  2. Well thanks to everyone that sent replies to my tale of woe over the twisted 280z, but I have decided to give up on the idea of fixing the little beast. Instead I went ahead and bought another project car, its a 1978 280z from Alabama. The car was on ebay with a buy it now of $1500.00 it looks to be in pretty good shape the paint is faded and peeling but otherwise it looks solid enough and the interior looks pretty good as well. Lets hope it works out better than the last one as my wife will crap a small European sports car on my head if I waste another $1500 plus shipping onan old car.
  3. Ok here is my next question to anyone and everyone.......I am thinking of trying to build a custom chassis including the floor to the front of the car. something that could be built to align the front with the rear of the car that is perfectly straight and solid with absolutly no rust.....anyone with sugestions or ideas would be great...........thanks
  4. Larry, thank you so much for your insight and help. I hate to ask any more questions, but I am unable to really read the numbers on the diagram. When I measure my car from corner to corner, using the drain hole just forward of the rear tires to the control arm brackets on the front frame rails, I get the exact same measurement when measuring the distance front to back on same side, for example front to back passenger side and then front ot back drivers side. When I measure criss cross there is a 1/2 inch difference. can you tell me what the values should be for these measurements and or is there somewhere I can find the diagram so I can enlarge it enough so as I can read the numbers? Again thank you so very much.....
  5. does anyone know where I could find a 280z frame dimension diagram, I can't seem to find one here....
  6. Here is a picture of the car on the rotisserie.......so far so good, I have her completly upside down and have stripped every part off the body/frame
  7. The picture of the transmission tunnel from inside shows a crack and bend or kink in the metal, my concern is will I be able to align the wheels after the build to drive the car.........my plan was a complete suspension upgrade from Arizona Z car.......So everything would be adjustable.
  8. Above are some pictures of the car. I have stripped the car completey and have her up on a rotisserie that I made. And I have to say I am so impressed with the rotisserie so far. I will attach a picture here in a bit. The damage to the car it seems is in the floor area. I have taken some measurements and it seems that from the front frame where the rods tha locate the front wheel to the rear of the car maybe out about 1/2 inch. The measurment is exact front to back but when you measure across thats when it seems to me out.
  9. Can anyone tell me how to add a photo to this forum?
  10. Also this body guy advised that he felt the car may have been sectioned with a new front clip and that is why the frame rails were so good in the front. I am really not sure how to proceed. Again any help would be great.
  11. Last year I bought a 1976 280z from Arizona, the car has little to no rust all the body panels are solid as well as the trunk floor and engine bay.....even the battery area is solid with no rust......I have stripped the car completely and then began to notice that the floors in the centre of the car had holes around the frame rails under both seats and forward to the firewall, but again no rust. I had a body guy come look at the car to get a quote for painting. This guy started telling me that he felt the car was in a bad accident and that at one point it must have been twisted. He took some measurements such as strut tower to strut tower, front to back and criss cross. He said the car was about 1/2 inch out of square. Again the frame rails in the engine bay are straight as well as the frame rails in the rear of the car. It seems the rails in the centre are somewhat out of wack as well the transmission tunnel has a kink where the shifter hole is......I am not sure what I should do. The car is solid with no rust and my plans were an LS1 conversion but now I am not sure if I should proceed with a car that may be twisted. Is it possible to compensate with adjustable control arms and such so the car still tracks straight and is road worthy????? Any suggestions or input would be awesome.....
  12. I have a 76 280z and have also stripped it down and now have realized that it looks like the car had been sectioned with a new front end, the centre section seems to be bent, the transmission tunnel and floors seem to be bent. does anyone have any ideas on how to proceed with regard to straightening???? looks like the cross measurments from strut tower to strut tower are about almost a 1/2 inch? the car is an arizona car with no rust......
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