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  1. BTW, I'd say THAT was a Hell of a thread resurrection! Almost 17 years later!
  2. Hi Keith, (hope you can help) I have an issue with my 4L60e - I've just done a trans swap and am having trouble with the gearshift/cable/neutral switch fine tuning. I've never used this transmission but was told by the seller that it was good. (They hardly ever say the opposite..) I have changed the steering column gearshift mech, the cable and the neutral switch. I have tried adjusting all different ways...cable long, med-long, med, med-short, short with the neutral switch pivoted clock-wise, counter-clock-wise, and flush positions. I can never get all the gears to line up. Either I get Park but there is a long dead spot to get to reverse, and then all the gears are offset to the right (ex: Reverse will be in the D position) and I'll never get 1st gear. Or, I'll get R-N-D-3-2-1 fine but won't get it back into Park. The manual shift assembly shaft seems to have to move a very long way to go from Reverse into Park - If I use the clock analogy, Reverse would be at 6 o'clock and Park will almost be at 9 (maybe 8:30). And the same thing in the other direction. The cable has to move the arm a long way before it goes from Park the reverse. Also, when moving the outer shift lever manually, it often skips from Park to neutral very quickly as if Reverse wasn't giving enough resistance or as if you have to pull so hard that if flies right by into Neutral... Have you ever seen this before and if so, please tell me what I'd need to do to get this fixed. Thanks in advance for your help.
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