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  1. PM sent. For everybody else, the tools I made are $70 shipped Priority Mail to a US address. They are made from 1018 tool steel with a pipe puller tube. I went with a larger 7/8 for the tool, the tool is double ended so IF you manage to strip it the other side of the tool is ready to use. Thank you everybody. Keith
  2. Thanks for the update, I've 2 more here waiting to be shipped. Also have enough material for 6 more to be made. Glad your happy with it Stock Car Mafia!! Thanks guys!! Keith
  3. I use Brendan at lt1swap.com $75 gets you a basic tune and return shipping. You can see the info at www.lt1swap.com/programming.htm
  4. Thanks for posting the images Stock Car Mafia! I've had a report of a box being damaged while in shipping, I'll be working on this. I've 2 more that need to ship today. Thank you. 2 more finished tools that are ready to be shipped. Keith
  5. 2 tools are gone. Ive 4 more finished ready to ship
  6. First batch of tools are done! I'm going to the post office for shipping supplies. They will be ready for shipment ASAP
  7. Shipping conformation shows the taps will be here tomorrow. Keith
  8. I wish you would have done this before I dropped a couple hundered bucks on material and tools, and spent a few hours of machine time
  9. I machined 6 of the tools today. I needed to order a box of taps. Sorry I thought I had some. Anyway, they should be here in 2-3 days.
  10. Material is ordered. I bought enough of the Acme rod, to make 12 tools. I'll be useing the 7/8-6 rod for a bit more wall thickness. Complete kits, will be made, with the draw tube. I will be shipping them the cheapest way I can. I only got emails from a few of you, PM me, I'll drop you my mobile number. I have a job I'm running now that uses an offset tailstock setting. So once that is off the lathe, I'll set it up for this job, provided the materials get here soon!!
  11. Sounds like enough ppl are wanting a tool. I'll start pricing materials I'll keep you all up to date as things progress. Do you guys want me to make just the thread and you get the black iron parts local, or do you want the complete tool? Keith
  12. May have a set. Send me an email tomorrow to remind me while I'm in the shop. I know I have a set of 260 doors. Redheadfabrication@yahoo.com I'll send you pics to make sure they are what you need
  13. I was thinking that my goal was a bit out of reach, I have a line on a set of 317 heads for if/when I decide to go FI. Am I correct in my thinking that a +.400 crank and a flat flexplate will work with a TH700r4? Am I also correct that it will only work with pre-2001 4L60's?
  14. Subject: 1972 Datsun 240z Equipment already installed: TH-7004r built to race spec Dana 44m from '84 Corvette 1 ton half shafts LS1 fuel tank JTR kit with a Gen 1 SBC TPI injection Megasquirt fuel control LS1 fuel tank with Corvette FPR Goal: 450RWHP in a streetable package MAY add FI down the road if 450HP gets boring Must run on pump gas. Prefer to have TQ in the low end, and give up some HP at the upper RPM limits I've decided that the SBC in there just has to go. I've got 2 LS engines to choose from but I'm having a hard time deciding. What does the board think? First up: 2004 Chevy van 2500, 5.3l LM7 4l60, AWD rollover. Mileage unknown, oil looks good, radiator is full. It's drive by cable but missing PCM No body panels are sell-able, no oil on the trans dipstick, rear axle looks good Cant be started Whole van can be bought for $500 Craigslist deal no returns Second option: 2000 2500 Chevy truck 6.0l LQ4 with iron heads. 4l80 light front end hit, rad is fine, rusty truck. not sure why its in the yard no dipstick, I grabbed one from a SBC and put it in the dipstick tube, no oil. I looked in the filler cap, no sludge. They said I can pull the rocker covers and spin it over by hand. no starter to spin it up for a compression test. waterpump turns by hand, alternator has a little drag from corrosion, so it spins with a slight drag I have to pull the wiring and PCM, they will pull the engine. Only thing I see missing is the starter and dipstick. I can get the engine, wiring and PCM for $450 From a junkyard, no warranty as they cant start the truck to test the engine Thoughts on what would be better for my application and goals? Thanks for the help guys this will be my first LS swap Still putting together what works with what. The +.400 crank on the LQ4 has me concerned. From what I'm reading the 700 will bolt up if I slot the flexplate to fit my torque converter. Not worried about the wiring, more concerned with the fitment using my JTR kit, the ability to keep the 700.
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