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  1. awk34

    Can't log in

    Still having this issue. The only way I can log in is to reset my password. Every time I try to log in by entering my new password, it won't let me.
  2. I tried disconnecting the vac advance tube, but it seemed to not change anything. Then when looking at the distributor position, I noticed the clamp plate isn't lined up. It looks like the distributor might be completely clocked in the wrong direction: https://photos.app.goo.gl/QDTiUHLrrtCHWk838 https://photos.app.goo.gl/3xzj8eV25yt8EuWi7 I'll probably take the whole thing apart tomorrow to investigate.
  3. I'm currently home alone. Would I need a timing gun for this? I don't own one yet.
  4. I've been following this guide on carb adjustment: https://zcarguide.com/tuning-adjusting-datsun-240z-su-carburetors/ I can get it to start up and idle for a bit, but then it suddenly shuts off and seems to spit some gas out the SU carbs. This is with the choke on a bit: I've had to modify / repair a lot of things on this engine to get it to even crank / start. I've bypassed the old wiring. I've tried wiring up the tach, but it seems to not work. Is there an easy way to get the crank speed out of this setup? Is there an easy tach I can wire in instead? I'd like to go completely digital eventually. Does anyone know why it might be idling like this and then suddenly stopping? Anything I can inspect?
  5. Hi all. I recently bought a new-to-me '72 240z with a non-running but almost there engine. I was able to diagnose a few things and get the engine running for a couple seconds using starter fluid, but I haven't figured out how to keep it running from gasoline. For testing the carbs, I just put a bit of gasoline into the float bowls manually and then closed them back up. Opening up the carbs, it looks like it was a bit wet, but I'm unsure if that was from gasoline spray or something else. I have the the Haynes manual, but haven't been able to find much about carb diagnostics; just maintenance. Does anyone possibly have some links to info for diagnosing these carbs? Thanks in advance!
  6. I can't log into the site using my password. I can only log in by resetting my password. Once I reset it and try to log back in, it says it's incorrect, which it isn't. At first I thought it might not like my 32 char pw, so I shortened it to 12 char, but still no dice.
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