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  1. In part I hope they share a lot of similarities so that my skills aren't wasted, yet with a vastly different outcome. I'm still keeping an eye out for a Z, but they're far and few between and right now, particularly through this lockdown, I am crushing the progress on the Camaro. 68 Camaros can range from 2700-3500lbs depending on a LOT of options. Pro-touring styled builds aim to be on the lower side so I'm hoping I'll be somewhere around 3000lbs without driver since ALL body panels have been replaced with aftermarket AMD panels which are considerably lighter than the original GM sheet me
  2. argh, the body work stage is such a dragged out process, but is the second most satisfying stage next to driving it
  3. Great analysis, and very true, and something I'm hoping to avoid with my next project. My reason for wanting a Datsun (or ford maverick) is because I want something totally different to the Camaro, something smaller, lighter, CHEAPER with simpler bolt on suspension, and preferably a modern 6 cylinder turbo which will never have it's head cracked. something with a simplified interior that remains street legal that I will never take a second glance at a paint chip. But most importantly to further my basic fab skills in a way I couldn't bring myself to do with this Camaro. Fo
  4. Branden thanks for the detailed reply! I'm quickly understanding what you're saying and seeing so many good Z's out west compared to what I'm seeing available here. I don't NEED rust free, but we replaced EVERY panel on my Camaro due to rust and it probably cost 30-40% of my entire build in doing so and I'd like to avoid repeating that as much as possible. In the meantime I have actually found a Z just up the road from my house that has been dying in a back yard for some years. It has some minor visible rust, small hole on both rocker panels as well as the rear quarter around the fue
  5. Hey there all, I figured I'd make a minor introduction in an attempt to force myself to commit to the Dastun world again. I'm a 30yr old Australian living in North Carolina, I spend my time doing a number of things but the most time consuming of them all is building my Camaro. When I first moved to the states for my wife 5 years ago I wanted to dive straight back into a car after a couple of year hiatus and after some time I found a 68 Camaro shell, fast forward to now and I have almost completed a full protouring money pit of a machine that will soon resemble my dre
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