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  1. Haha thanks. i really learn a lot from all those documents. And i have more on the way here. And i don't think i even posted all here in this thread since it's a build thread and not about documents
  2. Disclaimer: Nothing in this post is for sale - Do not ask me, thanks! What qualifies something as a "barn find" has been discussed previously. But nevertheless, i found these parts covered in dust in an old shed. They were not exactly "forgotten about", but stored there in many years. The story behind them unfortunately includes a bit of human tragedy. After many years, i was the lucky one to buy the whole lot. Well sort of. Since i'm not exactly a hoarder and did not want to have many more parts of those i already own, i made an agreement with a Friend who basically bought the whole lot and
  3. Lately i've been purchasing a lot of stuff for the project and related documents and automobilia. Just when i got additionally offered a complete lot of documents from a big collector. Due to covid related delays, the different orders from several weeks and months ended up arriving at my place all within a few days... If you look at the picture below, quite a lot of stuff! Some things just came with the lots, and i will not keep them, even if nice stuff though. Nevertheless, here's what was in my mail yesterday. In the next part of the story, i will show you a huge pile (two cars and a traile
  4. Yesterday the post officer brought a nice little package to my door: It contains a brand new (NOS) L6 Camshaft for the E88 Head. It is used widely in many L-series cars from what i understoud, but i still have to research all the details. It was for sale not far away and the price was ok, so i thought myself i better secure it... I love the beautiful wrapping with the Nissan wrapping paper, etc... It came with a (separetely sold) Set of Cam oiler blockoff plates and bolts for older externally oiled cams. I still have to check if i need those... It also came with a "Cam bra
  5. Thanks to Covid-related home-office and the fact i save an hour of driving from and to my office everyday, it seems like i have too much free time to search for Datsun related stuff... Therefore i've collected a lot of cool documents lately. The first delivery consists of a lot of Colour sample charts, many marked as "For europe" unfortunately not Z-related, but the came for free with the rest and they're cool nontheless... Then i've got the L6 service Manual in German, which might come in handy for me, since it's my native language... That "Technical Training" Paper folder co
  6. Today i got the delivery from the guys at Sandstrahlen-plus.ch which i can really recommend if you're in switzerland... They had my complete chassis blasted (except the roof and a few areas i will replace anyway) and primered. The job is very nice if you ask me and it looks so much better with all the car in one colour, rather than twelve different layers of primer, bondo, paint, rust protection, etc.. in various states... Remember, this is how it looked a few weeks ago... Luckily the process didnt' reveal any new problems, only the bad repairs of yesteryear and the rus
  7. Slightly delayed because of holday season and the current COVID situation, but i just got some pictures from the blaster, and a note that the chassis is done. They blasted the whole car with non abrasive plastic media, which doesnt warp big thin surfaces. Where abrasives were needed, they added a bit of sand to remove rust and bondo (partially). The sticker underbody protecting-stuff was removed by dry-ice blasting... You can clearly see the many repairs on the inner front fender and Air channel and the ton of bondo remaining on the LH rear quarter. Luckily the engine bay l
  8. Today i got a few interesting documents again. Let's start with the Z-specific stuff. An original Toolkit bag packing slip / Content slip: I will use it to make a nice replica for my original toolkit (which came with some missing tools and without the toolkit. The one above came from an original "final spec" European 240Z and is different to what i've seen for Sale in the USA. But it might be possible that the slip has changed over the years and that later spareparts came with a different slip. Picture below shows one for sale in america by zeddsaver.com: Then i got an or
  9. I got hands on a rare 3N71A/B Automatic transmission Manual. While i don't have an Auto-tranny and don't really need this manual, there is a reason i couldn't resist. This particular manual is not a standard workshop manual, but a Training manual. On the first pages, the employee who got the training from Nissan People, wrote down the story of the training and how it went. If you look close on the Cover page, you see that the Name of the Company is "Fehlmann Motor AG", which is the predecessor of Datsun (Suisse) SA. The Instructions are written very detailed by the trainee in ger
  10. Today i got a very accurate OEM Glovebox replica from Czech republic. Made by Privateer Pavel Dvorak. It's very close to the original regarding materials, shape and even location of the bostitches and little metal clamps. Excellent work, sir! Excellent work, sir. looks awesome. And then i got various vintage swiss Datsun stickers from various sticker collectors i found online. nice to have them to complete my collection. it appears that the round ones where made in two batches. one with the additional latch and one without. as not only the latch is different, but also the col
  11. The Bolts that hold the footrest to the floorpans have custom specs, that do not fit into any DIN / EN / ISO norm, so it's not possible to purchase them at any standard hardware supplier. There are similar ones, but most of them have a too large head, that needs cutting to fit with the L-shaped "Feet" of the footrest). So i had a local milling shop (specialized in oldtimer-parts) make the bolts for the footrest according to the drawing i made (see below) in stainless steel, since the original ones where bent, and pretty worn. Original ones: New ones: Perfect ti
  12. Finally, something that i've really should have done first, happens now after many years. I decided to have the complete chassis blasted. Not sand-blasted but blasted with various media, depending on the area. Mostly Plastic-blasting and dry-ice blasting. I thought i'd take a few "before" shots. so here we go. I hope in one or two weeks all old paint and underbody coating and rust is gone... Some panels like the roof and the LH Rear quarter will only be blasted partially, because they'll bee replaced anyway or have already been replaced with new panels. So last week they came
  13. A while a go i made a CAD drwaing of what the manual calls "Felt", but are actually rubber pieces, that work as dampers between the fuel tank and the chassis. Then took the drawing and sample to the local rubber shop and they cut them to spec for me: Left new, right old (with some dirt): Had them make two sets, but already sold the second set to a local owner. Oh and since NOS A-type 5-speed manual transmission parts are a bit rare, i just had to get this bearing when it popped up for sale. Also love the genuine oldschool Datsun (Suisse) SA Bag, it must have been in sto
  14. Thanks a lot for your offer. but i thenk even the seller didn't really know the history. it's not really important and i don't have any contact, than through the auction site. Anway, thanks a lot for your nice support offer. i really appreciate that!
  15. While browsing through some online classifieds, i stumbled on this Datsun price list. Issued on 14. March 1977 and including cars like the 260Z, the 2+2 and the 240K-GT, Cherry coupe, sunny etc... There isn't any evedince that it's from datsun Suisse SA, but it's in german and french so it seems to make sense. I got it from france, but the seller stated that it came originally from switzerland. There's also no currency for the prices, but i assume it must be Swiss franks (CHF). While my 240Z is not directly listed, it's another nice piece of Datsun Suisse memorabilia and some referenc
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