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  1. Thanks Leon for your reply. It is most helpful and thanks for the link to your thread showing what you have done. My experience so far has only come from driving my 280z and I found the engine to be lazy and the gearbox does not feel great. Its good news to hear that it is possible to get what I imagine from the 280z engine. I will also probably change the transmission to a 200sx one as I imagine that would be a significant improvement and I will go with a triple weber setup.
  2. Hi If anyone on here has previous experience or has undertaken such a project I would be grateful for their advice and help in the following. I am building a street able and possibly a light competition car. Something to have fun with. What I imagine is a high revving, very responsive engine with uprated brakes and suspension and a stiffened chassis. I am looking for around 180 to 200 wheel horsepower. The type of car that is not stupidly quick, but something that you can rev out and enjoy pushing through the bends and enjoy through the whole rev range. Not an al
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