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  1. Yes it definitelly will help me, thank you for sharing this knowledge, and can I ask you how can I get money at 16 years old or 14?
  2. I really like the sound of the L engines it sounds so beasty, even with the ITB's it sounds so much better
  3. Thank you all I will look at those websites. I also found a site called classic.autotrader.com and theres a lot of "cheap" ones there but I'll look at the websites you guys sent me. lol
  4. Jockey101

    My 1981 280zx turbo

    It looks very clean, nice job
  5. I just wanna look at the Zs I'm only 14 and I wanna save up for an Fairlady Z because they are soooo good I just love the Chassis and the engine sounds. I don't know If they allow 14 year olds here but I don't really care if you curse or anything lol, why would I care anyways lol.
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