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  1. I’ve come to understand that a big difficulty involves exhaust routing. The tranny might fit, but ya gotta fit the pipes too... I’m tackling body work now and will be replacing floor pans soon, so now would be the time to enlarge the tunnel. Just not sure I want to impose on my space to accommodate pipes. Decisions, huh? Why the 6L80? Really just spit-balling the idea. More gears = closer ratios. I’m in the research and ask questions phase. I have an L28/5spd that I can put in it. I figured to go through the L28, with a performance cam and install 3 Webers or an ITB injection sys
  2. Please forgive me if this dog's been beaten. I have a couple of 240Z's and I’m considering an LS swap into one. I'm leaning toward an automatic tranny. Does this combo require extensive tunnel mods? If there’s a thread, point me please! Thanks!
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