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  1. Awesome. I like these a lot. Might go ahead and get them. Thanks.
  2. Those 315’s are gonna be awesome. You said the 2 and 3 inch flares were a good size. That’s bigger than standard zg correct? Do you have any pics? What do you think they would look like with those 17x9.5 -20 all around? is this them? https://www.jdmfenderflares.com/home1
  3. Did you get your wheels on? I am looking at doing 275 all around as well but on 17x9.5 - 20. Any pics?
  4. As the title says want Rota RB or similar. Prefer bronze and in those sizes.
  5. I’m not sure on the weight. I’m mostly worried about fitment and looks at this point. Like you said the choices are limited. I saw those tires but worry the overall size is too small.
  6. Hi thank you for that. I have been busy at work so have made little progress. I need to get things updated here and on the parts list. I did get my Lokar shifter in finally. It went in easy and is the Bees Knees. Worth the money and wait (even if it sucked). Shift easily through all gears. took it up to the shop and got a generic magnaflow resonator and muffler on. Still not sure I like it. Might sound like a truck. had some trouble with the fuel filter before the pump. It was getting dirty quickly and some dumb dumb ordered one that specifically states not for f
  7. So frustrated. Ordered my shifter back in December and delivery date kept getting pushed back. Was finally supposed to ship this week. Nope! Tried to push it back to middle of March. Back to shopping. I do think I have an answer for the park/ neutral wire for pin 34 on the pcm. It took a long time for my tiny brain to comprehend how to use a single switch on the shifter to interrupt power to the starter when not in park and provide ground to the pcm when it is in park. I believe the answer is to switch ground with the neutral safety switch. When in park the switch grounds b
  8. Those look awesome. What tires are you going to run? I don't want to stretch mine and can't find a lot of choices in 15".
  9. One of the big problems is reading through 10-20 year old threads and getting great recommendations only to find out they just don’t make the tires anymore. Especially in 15 and 16. I’d like to run 245/45r16 but only see 50 series I want the same all around but it seems like different offsets in front and back is common. So I won’t be able to rotate anyway. The JR19 rims I like don’t come in 9.5. The rotas don’t come in colors I like. Want all bronze. so here are my thoughts right now. Front 16x9 -15 with 245/50 rear 16x9 -25 with 255/50 will I have issue
  10. Good advice. I was thinking about that. I just worry about getting enough traction in the rear and clearance in the front. I would be happy with 245 all around.
  11. Any help with wheel choice would be appreciated!
  12. Hello again. I am finishing up my LS swap https://forums.hybridz.org/topic/132113-spdrcr-ls1-and-4l60e-build-thread/ and it’s time to pick flares, wheels, and tires. I have been through about 40 pages of the wheel thread and have like 60 or more to go. I was going to go with a 15” rim but tires are nowhere to be found! (I do not want to run drag radials) I am going to use lowering springs (eibach or zcardepot) KYB struts and wheel flares. I have chosen my wheels but could use some final advice on width, offset, and tires. I am going to use 16”JR19 they come
  13. Only 3 big items left - wrap up in car wiring and mount ecm and fuse box - install shifter - back ordered - Take to shop for exhaust
  14. Ok seriously. How do you get the clutch pedal out? I can see there is a bolt or something with my mirror. About to send the kid up there. also could not get the dimmer or odometer reset out. Did get the gauges wired up. Could not get the dimmer to work right. It was opposite of the factory lights. Also could not get the high beam indicator. Something with the ground vs 12v. Got tired of fiddling with it. I want change to all red lLEDs in the future anyway.
  15. Alright. Got the dash cap off. Can’t get the gauges out with it on. yup I see why that’s on there the problem I was having the odometer reset cable was wrapped around everything. After I got that loose just popped all the connectors off. A few screws and the old gauges come apart easily I have new speedhut gauges to go in. they come with a ring that almost fits into the factory housing i ground down the nubs a little bit and it fits right in for a tight friction fit! Perfect fit. So happy about that.
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