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  1. I took it out of the casing, cleaned and oiled it and that got it to start running again. It's possible, just make sure you get the right oil so you don't damage anything.
  2. I've got a Bluetooth one I've rolled over the trip odometer on and it's definitely been a night and day difference between it and the ignitor I used to run. The accuracy and user experience are a joy, setting timing and curves without needed to mess with springs is a wonderful experience. It's definitely a bit of a gimmick piece, high price and probably not as effective as a megajolt, but definitely a fun toy to show off and retains the old engine bay look. You'll probably never be able to justify the cost or performance vs. a coil-on-plug solution, but it is a very cool plug and play part that doesn't need a shopping cart of parts and a wiring harness to complete. Reliability has been wonderful on the parts made by 123, but I've heard and nearly experienced horror stories of these things. You will need to make some minor mods for reliability. Personally ran mine with a flamethrower coil at 1.5ohms and the cap and rotor that came with it. While the distributor itself is a wonderful piece of kit, the cap and rotor supplied with it (Beru units I believe) are not the best quality. These are easy components to replace with a good Bosch cap, but the cap is definitely easy to reverse or misalign. The cap is located with a bolt-on tab which doesn't fit all reproduction caps well. While the manual and support suggest a 1.5ohm coil, the rotor that comes with the kit will burn itself out with one of these units. Easy to fix by drilling out the rotor and soldering in some thick solid-core wire, you can then fill it with JB weld for an OEM "Potted" look, but I will not guarantee it lasts! I've heard the carbon cap in the button may burn up from this same issue, personally haven't seen this yet, but I could see the worn button coming out as mentioned earlier. Be warned the cap and rotor are Porsche parts and come with the great allure of being a bother to locate if you live in the sticks. Rotor can be sourced cheaply as a volkswagen piece if you want to make the aforementioned mod on a 5$ not 15$ part. The American distributor sells a pre-modded one for 45$ but I found it a satisfying afternoon project. If you've got the money, some technical know-how and want to stick with the carbs I'd say go for it. if you want to go EFI in the future it's probably an expensive side-step.
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