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  1. Yeah drums on rear with the Toyota 4 pot calipers up front.
  2. Yes that's me! Have updated signature. Yes he sure did have some skills, pretty sure the booster is standard as measures 8inches. The master seems to mount with 3 bolts - 2 on either side and one below. I assume the space is missing as it has a different length push rod. Thanks
  3. Hi, As the title states need some help identifying what was fitted by previous owner as the booster and/or master cylinder are faulty and want to replace both to ensure braking system is up to scratch. I haven't found any other master cylinder that matches this - is has AB-35 embossed on the side and has horizontal mounting holes (these don't match the booster as you can see below). Thanks,
  4. Looks great! I need to do exactly this on my 280z console. Any tips for me before I start cutting at the weekend?
  5. How much was the centre console out of interest?
  6. Do you guys have any updates on how well these have lasted in the 4 years since installing? Thanks,
  7. Hey, Has anyone ever managed to repair the interior clock? In my 280z the clock still ticks but the hands do not move. Have tried a search but so many results under clock but none on repairing them. Thanks, Ash
  8. I am in the UK or I would. Shipping and import duty will be alot I imagine
  9. Hey, I have access to a 3d printer and was wondering if anyone has an STL file for the design on a lower kick speaker panel for a 280z. Would be willing to donate some money towards the design. Thanks Ash
  10. Do you guys have pictures of the speakers under your seats? Would be interested in hit you mounted them! Thanks
  11. Hey did you ever finish these? I am looking to modify the stock speedo and control via gps. Cant decide if i should gut a cheap speedo off ebay or go the arduino route.
  12. Hey, My 280z has a 3UZ engine swap with the auto transmission and i am preparing to convert to a manual. I am having issues deciding what gearbox to use as the ratios on offer dont seem to work (in my mind atleast) The car currently has a 3.34 diff (but was hoping to put in a 3.54 subaru LSD diff at same time) and is running 16" wheels. There are various conversion kits on offer for the following boxes and these are a few examples of speed for each one, I guess i am after input on if you think the ratios will work in day to day driving or will i just shift f
  13. Hi all, I currently have a 280z which has had an engine swap to a Lexus 3uz along with the matching auto box. I want to swap to manual and have found adaptor plates that fit the rx8 gearbox. My main question is, has anyone swapped in an rx8 box (to any engine) and does it fit without any major issues? Seeing as the Lexus auto fits I don't see the bell housing being an issue but mainly worried about the shifter location and what to do with the propshaft. Also any tip on general manual swaps would be appreciated incase I haven't thought of everything!
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