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  1. That's the exact plug I'm talking about. Funny thing is, I already have a pin extractor tool and popped them all out so I could continue to work, but the blue connector is still fast installed in the junction box. I took pictures, so I guess it's not that bad if I just put them back where they belong once I'm finished replacing the firewall there. Thanks for the link.
  2. I'm needing to pull the wires through the firewall and I can't figure out how to get the blue connector out of the junction block. It looks like it's the block is designed to be squeezed on the sides of the connector, but I can't manage to pop it free and I'm afraid I'll crack the block. Any tips?
  3. Disassembled the tach again over the past couple of days. Figured out if I tightened anything down past barely finger tight it would start to seize the movement. So I completely took it apart and put it back together gingerly and the needle is still free flowing. Not sure when I'll get it back in the car for testing, but hopefully it works as expected after this.
  4. Figured I had nothing to lose. Cracked open that switch and it was full of green oxidation. Cleaned it all up and put it back together and now it's working like a champ. My plastics were old and brittle so I ended up using a couple of zip ties to secure it together.
  5. Thanks. I haven't ordered them yet, so nothing to hold on to. I was just making a list before ordering.
  6. Not sure. Most of the mechanism is hidden. It looks like some kind of scissor action and it just stops. I guess I don't need these then. Thanks everybody for the feedback.
  7. I found another thread that has pictures and everything, but it doesn't look like my doors have them? Am I missing something? Here's the pics of the inside of my doors both towards the rear and front. I don't even see where they are supposed to mount like what's posted here.
  8. I've looked in the service manual, and on my car and I can't seem to find where these things go. https://zcardepot.com/products/door-window-glass-bumper-rubber-stop-1970-78?variant=19277609861233# I'm replacing all the rubber on the doors and was wanting to check these, but I can't find them. The description indicates they are in the door towards the rear at the bottom. I don't know if mine are missing or if the 1977 is just different. With my windows rolled down, I don't see it hitting a bumper anywhere. Sorry for my ignorance, but does anybody else have a clue? Never mind. Forum search to the rescue.
  9. That coat hanger trick looks good. I was planning on drilling and pinning, but that looks simpler and will give that a shot. If I mess it up, I can always fall back to plan B, buying replacement locks. Thanks for the links!
  10. Sure thing. Here's another angle.
  11. I popped it back into the dash and tested today. It worked, but not well. Still doing more research.
  12. I think since it looks cast and thus can't be welded, I'm going to try drilling it with a pin bit and inserting some pins and see how that works. If it's trash, pretty much can't make it any worse.
  13. Of course! Have you already tried the larger clips? I went to Ace Hardware and picked up a couple with a thicker diameter wire than the original. Fixed the passenger side, but no dice on the driver's.
  14. I thought of that too. Thank you for the part numbers.
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