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  1. I'm only swapping the crossmember so I can use the Rack and pinion steering instead of the recirculating ball; I had forgotten about the CV's though! I know Nissan didn't trust their manuals to handle the turbo (for whatever reason) and went with the borg warner for the turbo models as of 82. The tranny in my 82 is blown, but likely repairable: should I definitely do that immediately with the rest of the swap or should I just keep my current nissan manual and repair and install the borg warner later? Personally I've never had any issues from my 5 speed but I also don't really rag on it mu
  2. Hello fellow Z drivers! I have a 1981 280zx n/a and recently purchased a turbo parts car for it (1982). My plan is to begin the swap soon but I wanted to make sure all my ducks are in a line here, as it seems like everywhere I look I get different answers, SO: To do this properly I am under the assumption I need: •the turbo motor •turbo harness and ECU •the power rack and pinion (for clearance) •the turbo subframe (whole sub frame or just the cross member?) •the turbo fuel pump (I was told they're higher output and that this is mandatory, again would love input he
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