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  1. Hi everyone, I am working on a new project. I have created a way to install a belt driven screw type supercharger and intercooler onto a L28 engine while using a off the shelf exhaust header. I searched this forum but found nothing about doing this the way I have come up with. It involves building a custom intake manifold and intercooler but it should work just fine. I have some tech help from some friends and I have the design done. I just need to get the intake manifold completed. That’s my biggest concern so if it physically fits I’ll move forward wi
  2. Hi & Thanks! Your points are well taken. I guess I just want a little lower cruise RPM. That or a higher speed limit! I have seen many videos of “Panchos Garage” and enjoy it very much! I’ll take check your thread. I too am partial to fuel injection. Works great at any altitude! I have a new plan to add a belt driven super charger so I’ll be fine in the torque department. I’ll search for any related posts on that subject before starting a new post but I am pretty sure that my plan is a unique one so stay tuned! I will also check my differe
  3. Good morning all, I’m a new member to this forum. I have a beautiful 1972 240Z which is all original and working except for a 280Z long block and the non-functional clock. I have been meeting up with other owners on weekends and having a great time. I am finding a lot of enthusiastic Datsun owners out there around Southern California. I’m encouraged. I have owned several 510’s, a 610, and a original 240Z which I regret selling back in the 90’s. Love these cars. Reliable and EASY to work on! My first 510 was in 1978. I began working on these L-series engines the
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