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  1. My donor block for my turbo build has a bad crank. Need to buy a decent one. Happy to pay for shipping if needed. edit: 11/27, my NEW crankshaft arrived today! What a lucky find!
  2. Aydin, thanks for the great write-up! I can see what you’ve done (and learned) as well as where you’re headed. Lots of good info for me. That Protunerz intake is sick. I want one. I second your sentiment on the quality and thoughtfulness of the responses here. That’s why I’m posting here rather than one of the “social” sites. Thanks to all who contributed. I’m back on the turbo bus.
  3. Wow. Was that manifold ever on that block? im going out right now and check mine! edit: phew! Mine fits ok, but you scared the hell out of me. sorry, I can’t help on bending cast iron, but at least i bumped you up.
  4. My motor is a NA, so there’s no legacy turbo equipment to deal with. JM, can you suggest manifolds, turbo, TB and other parts I should look at for a reliable build? I plan to go with a Megasquirt ECM.
  5. Builder is Z car guy in Cincinnati . Figures may well be crank hp, since he's not doing the car, only the motor. https://www.facebook.com/zcarguy/ I don't want to be in a position where I feel I have to defend the builder. My information is only from mail exchanges, and his reputation in town. I'll be sure to let you all know how it progresses.
  6. OP here. Thanks for the insightful replies - just what I was looking for. I have not driven a Z with higher HP, so 300hp could very well be more than I need. I plan to take your points to the engine builder and see what he thinks. He’s a reputable shop that specializes in Z cars, so I think our conversation will be positive. I may not have made my goals clear, so naturally he came to me with HIS vision. Aydin, I would really like to know your turbo build specs. Reliability and streetability are important to me, sounds like you may have the right formula. You can PM or p
  7. MY 73 240Z, very clean and runs fine with dual Hitachis and a header, no smog stuff. I have a 79 L28 NA motor complete, which I was in the planning stages of turbocharging, adding Megasquirt EMS and coil on plug. Goal was 300 whp. I contacted a motor builder to get the block prepped (cleaned, honed, new bearings, etc.) he came back to me with a proposal to build a stroker L28 instead. He is confident of 300-350 whp with no turbo. He proposes diesel crank, K20 or L24 rods, custom pistons, ported and polished head, some cam work, larger injectors and newer intake. He feel
  8. I looked there, but saw only the roadster version. Did I miss it? edit: I sent ztrix a message asking about the coupe. update: I heard from him. He has three version of rear clip, including coupe. The plot thickens!
  9. I am totally taken by this kit. Doing one of these would scratch all my itches- kit car, Ferrari (sorta), motor swap, Z internals. I would be interested in buying a coupe version of this kit, if anyone knows of one. (USA)
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