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  1. I got what I needed. Thanks guys.
  2. Does anyone have a 280z stub axle for sale they would ship?
  3. Summit racing was quick with the delivery this go around. Got my gauge, fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator. I know several people use them, but does anyone have any feedback on the Skillard door panels and radio/ac replacement parts? Im thinking about selling my factory pieces to go with the Skillard ones.
  4. 3-1/2 total or per carb so 7ish total?
  5. I will try to update this thread when there are updates also any input on the Fpr and fuel pump for the carb swap will be appreciated.
  6. I picked up this 280z about 6 months ago with no real plans for it, the price was just right. I have since done just a little bit of work to it and collected some parts for it. I usually post most of my updates on Instagram, but I still prefer forums over other platforms. Any ways currently I am trying to remove as much rust as possible on the car while swapping the motor to another L series that will have a dual carb setup, comp 260s cam and a header on it. really I only need to get the fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter and fuel pump to have all I need to get it running(Any suggestions?). But I also know I will be doing more rust repair and rework cause I want it as perfect as I can get it. I also have a different set of wheels, lowering springs and shocks for the car. There will be a lot of pictures due to the work and parts I have collected so far. For as bad as the rust looks most of it is just surface rust and the floors are still solid.
  7. boosted280


    I may have found a set thanks guys.
  8. boosted280


    Anyone have a carb setup for a L28 that they are wanting to part ways with?
  9. Thanks guys. I am currently deciding what route to go on a lot of this project and didnt know if maybe fiberglass fenders would be something easy to find and readily available.
  10. Have you used any of them? Just because they are on google doesn’t mean they are worth a damn.
  11. Blackdragons shipping seems outrageous. And I thought they had went out of business already? Also they are not available.
  12. Ive searched on here and have only been able to find older stuff. Is there a place to get replacement fenders for a 280z? I have found some but they have a 3" flare molded to them as well. I am looking for stock. Any help is appreciated.
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