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  1. Thank you guys, I didn't end up going with this car but I got a very clean Datsun 240z
  2. Cool, would they be worth anything if I sold them separate? I was wondering because the logo was all over the interior in the door cards and stuff. the logo is also imprinted on the gas cap
  3. I am looking at this car and it has these custom seats, door cards, center console. Does anyone know a company that did this kit the guy said it was like that when he bought it 4 years ago. I have no idea how old this would be
  4. No this is gonna be a car just for the weekend or to take for car shows etc. Thank you for all the useful information, and will take alot of it in consideration. I like the fact of keeping it nissan with the build. I have a lot of thinking to do as far as what the exact route I want to take.
  5. So from you having multiple L-series turboed motors would it be a waste to go with the L-series. I can spend the extra on an RB I love both engines I wanted something I can build and have something a little bit more bullet proof. My problem I think is I want some reliable I can take on the weekends and I know it will start and rip without a problem that's why I am willing to spend the extra on building the most built-proof motor. The HP numbers don't really bother me as long as I can run like 300 I wanna keep up with most modern engines :). I have a L28 lined up with a roller
  6. Thanks, I was wondering what the difference would be. I knew that the p90 came from the 280zx and I planned on doing a couple of things for engine management. I appreciate all the recommendations.
  7. Thanks! I have read the first link a couple of times, I found it very useful. Do you have any tips on find a L28et motor or is buying a beatup 280zx turbo the best way to go about that.
  8. Hello all, This is my first post, but I have been wanting to build a Datsun s30 for about 7 years and now that I have the funds and stability to start the build and I need some help. So I like the L-series engine and I think that's what I am gonna stick with. I was debating the RB25det but with the motor being almost 5-8K without the needed parts for the swap. I am gonna go a built l28ET with probably a 280z because those are already fuel injected. It would make the swap simpler I want to make a reliable 350-400HP with the L28ET with the extra funds of not going with t
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