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  1. Thank you I was trying to make a long story short LOL. I bought a turbo dizzy online and the one I received isn’t actually a turbo dizzy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ so I’m on the hunt for one now.
  2. I don’t see any details for that, the documentation seems to be more for someone who knows what they’re doing. I admit kicking off this project with the ECU is probably not the simplest modification I could have started with lol. The distant end (it’s wrapped and run inside the car) of the hose isn’t connected to anything which led my confusion. What you’re saying makes sense so I’ll do some more research! Thank you!
  3. I did, I got it from Godzilla Raceworks. It’s apparently (and seems to be) wired up for my vehicle as I gave them the vehicle details when I ordered. There’s also an alleged default configuration already in the MS! Their documentation is probably just fine for someone who knows what they’re doing haha. What’s interesting is that I understand the ECU since it’s a computer, I’m good with electronics. Here’s a link for anyone interested. https://www.godzillaraceworks.com/ems/bolt-in-megasquirt-2-v357-engine-management-system-w-base-tune-1970-1983 THANK YOU!!
  4. Without going into details, I’m not a car guy (getting there). I got lucky and picked up an 83 n/a 280ZX with a bad ECU so I’m going the MS route. I have all but three things left to plug into the engine. Coil, IAT, CAS and a thin hose that doesn’t seem to connect to anything on the other end. I’ve done some research and here’s where I’m at: -CAS needs to be plugged into a turbo dizzy. -IAT is an air temp sensor that should be installed somewhere between the air intake and intake manifold. -Coil, I have no clue other than it has something to do with the ignition. -Rando hose, not even a shred of a clue. Any pointers that can get me to the point of everything plugged in will be greatly appreciated!
  5. If I'm not mistaken, that looks like the L28E. I can't for the life of me figure out if I need to do a turbo conversion before replacing my system with MS.
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