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  1. Valve cover looks super. I like the idea of an NOS fuel pump, replace it once and be done. I worry with the heater shut offs that a necessary circulation of hot water is not going on. Will you need a cross over to bypass the heater and keep the water circulating?? Just asking..
  2. Very nice.. Race car look which I like. I will bet it was mentally hard to cut, bend and drill on the body after all that hard work.. Looks super..
  3. Great Joe, The mirrors look great. The replaced access panel made a big difference.. The angle on the plate looks just right.. All in all it all looks super.. Keep it up. Ken
  4. Wow!! lots of elbo grease... Payin off.. Looks great..
  5. Nice, It looks like a keeper and as stated. You can keep fixing and up grading stuff for many years... Thanks for all the updates...
  6. Very nice Joe, Thanks for all the great photos.. looking forward to more..
  7. Your garage looks real clean considering all the sanding, paint, welding etc... Guessing you keep rolling the car out and washing it out.. Nice to see.. Keep up the great job your doing.. Love those BBS looking wheels too..
  8. Bodys looking great Joe. Love those wheels with the good Ol BBS look.. Looks like you will have it set up well with them wide but tucked in.. Great.. Keep it up..
  9. Very nice, Miss the photos but it was very descriptive.. It was starting to sound like you were going to go with wider plus one wheel-tire package..?
  10. Thanks, Nice visual on the wheel / Tire combo and where they will set. PS I see you have had a bunch of weather and snow.. Take care.. And I hope your rear wheel drums are fitting..
  11. Very nice Joe, I always love the attention to detail. Wasn't sure if you were going to paint the lower areas flat black like Dad always did. Looks good both ways.. Keep up the good work. KG
  12. Very nice Joe, Thanks for the updates.. I look forward to seeing your progress.. You will be at the DQ pretty soon enjoying it...
  13. Very nice Joe. Lots of elbow grease and attention to detail. I like it. Have you been keeping track of your hours...? LOL.. Maybe better not to.. You are going to have some real fun in your Z-car this summer.. Keep up the work.. Ken
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