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  1. Sweet Z car Joe.. Love how its coming along.. Thanks for sharing with us... Great progress. Super car.. Thanks...
  2. Lookin good Joe... Can't wait to see a video of it running?
  3. Nice Joe..... Keep up the photos on your fun project...
  4. Wow... A lot of work.. Nice project... When your done you can say you really know your car.. Thanks..
  5. Nice work Joe. The polished alum on the radiator support was a great idea.. I hope the clutch slave cylinder works out.. Really nice set-up. I will still give you my professional paint HVLP spray gun if you want? Take care Ken
  6. Wow, lots of work there Joe.. Really impressive on all the cleaning, polishing and attention to detail.. Can't wait to hear it running.. Thanks..
  7. Wow... lots of great progress.. Thanks for the update.. Shifter looks super..
  8. Wow!! Looks great.. It is hard to determine where to stop when you have it torn down that far... Keep up the great wook... What a great project.. Thanks for sharing..
  9. Rear looks super.. That shifter should have no play and be really nice in the rebuilt tranny... Sweet...
  10. Excellent Joe.. Tranny will be new, engine new.. Should be really sweet.. Ready to autocross...
  11. Nice Joe... Some things come full circle... A five spd will be nice.. Can't wait to see the results... Maybe you can sell the auto stuff to offset some of it.. Guessing the rearend might need different gears too.. Keep it up.. super build...
  12. Very nice and Christian of you to help out. Have a great trip bro...
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