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  1. Thanks for the update, That dang rust keeps showing its ugly head.. Keep it up Joe..
  2. The satin black is perfect. Lots of taping off.. I like J_B weld, that should work great. Thanks for the photos, Merry Christmas..
  3. Very nice, The semi-gloss black will really set it off nicely..
  4. Lookin just super Joe. I really like all your attention to detail. That with the factory colors, clean, neat and tidy.. Very nice. You have been very busy.. Thanks for all the photos and updates.. Keep it up bro..
  5. Still nice and original.. Many would have gone with all black etc.. Nice...
  6. Very nice interior. You just don't see original interiors like that anymore..
  7. Very nice, clean and tidy.. those lights look super. got to love those original steering wheels.. Looking good Joe...
  8. Its a 70's car, Keep the 70's mags, louvers, sunroof.. etc.. Its a cool retro flash back.. Love what your doing with it.. thanks for sharing.. Ken
  9. Looking at what you have pulled out of places all over the car. Makes you wonder what other cars are driving around with in their systems..
  10. Wow Joe, I was gone for a few days with no internet. You really Kicked it!! I can't believe the crap you cleaned up and how nice it looks. Your car will look and smell like new. That is great.. Keep it up. Fun to watch the progress..
  11. Amazing low miles, Christmas came early...
  12. Very nice, neat and tidy.. Another benefit is your getting rid of the OLD car smell inside.. Keep it up...
  13. Thanks Joe, That quarter angle photo of your car looks great...
  14. Lookin good Joe.. You have come a long way with the Z car..
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