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  1. Lookin good Joe.. You have come a long way with the Z car..
  2. Yes and I like to run a ratchet strap around it incase the spring cuts loose.. Very nice work Joe..
  3. LOL,, Thats why you need two of them... And a barn...
  4. Yep, all that work on the engine just to put a 289 and Tremec in it down the road.. Good practice.. lol,,,,
  5. Nice Joe, That will be great to have all new brakes.. Your car is looking great.. Thanks for the updates..
  6. Very nice Joe, I know you are done but I know where people also use one to two ratchet straps on the coils just in case everything lets loose.. Glad the spring didn't hit you or damage the car.. It is looking great..
  7. Very nice Joe, I know its not racy but I like the original Air Cleaner so far.. You might come up with something better. It's just looking great..
  8. Looks shiny in the video.. Good job..
  9. NIce Joe, Not only does the re-routed wiring look nice and clean but it will make working on the engine easier, such as doing your valve adjust.. Good job..
  10. Love that chrome exhaust tip, lights are looking great.. It always pays to do your own work and to just roll around under your car. See how your fixed your wiring and now have some piece of mind.. Good on you Joe..
  11. More room down the road for the Turbo piping....
  12. It will make it more firm.. I like them as it might compensate for all the years of wear and get it closer to new original quick response steering etc... Your choice.. Can always change it out later...
  13. Very nice, are you going to upgrade anything like poly bushings etc..
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