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  1. Some more progress. Pulled the passenger fender off, fixed the rust, painted it up inside, painted the area around the strut....took the drivers fender back off, and finished painting for final assembly. I also got the door hinges all painted up prior to install. New fender bolts in. A lot more work than it looks like.
  2. I remember a long time ago hearing about removing the rubber from the front strut isolators to lower the front end about another inch. Do any of you remember or know of this mod? Thanks.
  3. But it's getting done. Thank you, Jesus.
  4. here are some pics of my journey in a one gar garage:
  5. I got a little bit more done today.....trans cooler mounted up, battery in, more lines fastened down, chopped out the old exhaust completely. Progress.
  6. Hmmm....if it is not adhesive, then a single wrap of tape at the end would be needed, right?
  7. A tad over 9 hours in the garage today. Continuing to put stuff back on, in the engine compartment. Radiator, shroud, fan and fan belt all back in, finished alternator setup, I got the Vacuum booster and new brake master cylinder back on, and then I got the carbs back on. Starting to see progress. Here are a couple pics of the day:
  8. I doubt it. This is an exhausting amount of work.
  9. any chips and nicks can be filled in with touch up paint. After it is dry, it can be wet sanded down and blend in with the factory paint to where you can't see it. So, there will be some of that.....some edges and spots, where the paint is very thin will will get a spot paint of white. The 1000 grit is a quick hit to give the clear something to grab on to. 3 coats, with the hope that I won't have to wet sand with 2000 and polish to get a shine out of it. My front and rear BRE spoilers will stay a semi-gloss black, which will also match the black stripe along the doors.
  10. Today was a day of putting stuff back on. Starter, Alternator, battery tray, intake and exhaust manifolds. Putting the fuel and brake lines back down, etc. Managed to get the radiator and shroud ready for paint as well.
  11. The problem I may have, is the spots I have to touch up with my aerosol can, the paint requires a coat of clear over it.....so if I can get it to buff together and look right, then I won't have to clear whole sections.
  12. Thanks all. This car has never been hit. My intention, is to use my orbital sander with 1000 grit paper and a spray bottle and wet sand the original paint. Then wipe it down with denatured alcohol, and spray Urethane clear over it. Anyone see a problem with that? The clear I sprayed in my engine compartment has A LOT of dirt in it. I will have to sand and buff some of it to make it smooth. Lessons being learned!
  13. Again, when you are running an automatic trans, the headers won't work, so this is what you have to do....unless you are going to custom make your own headers I suppose. Instructions from machinist is to screw in the studs until they stop, then give them 1/4 turn....THAT'S IT!
  14. Thanks. Here are 3 pics of my 1972 exhaust manifold. The bolts that hold the probes in have been there for 49 years....hence they are not coming out. So I cut them off and grounded it down smooth. I took it to a welding shop and they welded them all shut and grinded them down flat. On the next pic, you can see I cut off the 2-3 inch long probes, and was able to get in there with a Dremel grinder and flush the port probes. The last pic, the same with the 3 studs. They were a part of the manifold. Had a machine shop drill them out and heli-coil it. I got the new set of studs and bolt
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