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  1. 10-18-2021 update. Well my "goal" for today was to get the inner door and door jamb on the driver's side in paint, and get both doors back on the car. I was successful. I posted last night, that I was able to get the door jamb and inner door in paint last night, which was great, as the paint was cured just enough for me to be able to re-install. In addition to the doors and jambs, I was able to finish up the floors on the driver's side and got it in paint. I then slid the car in the garage over to where I could work on the passenger side. It is currently off the jack stands. Next, it's time to
  2. After work I got a head start on tomorrows work on the Z car. I went ahead and sanded up and prepped the driver's door and door jamb and painted it with the new clear which works SO well. I want to try and get both doors back on tomorrow, so I can finish the dirty work inside....then mop it out top to bottom, and start getting all my new interior pieces in. Here are a couple pics from tonight.
  3. 10-6-2021. Continued work on the floor and door jambs, doors, etc. Did rust repair on the passenger floor under the seat, cleaned and polished up the passenger side door sill, clear coated it and moved on to the driver's side. I got the door and seat pulled.....more mice residue. I got started on the floor, but it started getting dark, so I cleaned it up and now I will have a head start next time. tight single car garage. Here are some more pics:
  4. This is the new clear I used. I love this stuff.....but at 20 bucks a can......and once it is activated it is only good for I think 36 hours max, you have to be ready to go with a lot of work when you go to use it! Amazon.com: USC Spray Max 2k High Gloss Clearcoat Aerosol (4 PACK) : Automotive
  5. 10-4-2021. Productive day on the Z car today. Pulled the passenger door, pulled the seat, floormat remnants, and cleaned and cleaned it. Mice??? 3 rust spots I had to repair. Removing the door seal was a dirty crumbly experience. A little painting on the floor to cover some bare spots, and then I concentrated on the door sill and door jam. This was a chance to try out the new clear coat I got from Amazon. 2 part clear, you push the bottom button to release an activator into the clear, I assume it is the catalyst, as it is 100 times better than the ExpressPaint non catalyst clear. VERY glossy
  6. Ah......that feeling when you verify it is original miles:
  7. 9-30-2021. I got the trunk finished up, except for the towers need to be painted. The SEM paint is enroute. The taillight surrounds.....well I painted them with a satin black, but it still looks glossy. Not good enough. I will have to lightly sand, possibly filler primer and re-shoot.
  8. Sure, no problem. What I did was I bought a stack of 1000 grit and now 2000 grit paper that fits on my 5 inch orbital sander, hook and loop. When I polish, I lay down a small soft towel, and put the orbital on it, then put some Turtle Wax polishing compound on it and run that towel over it. It really makes it pop! the orbital will do it! 50PCS 400-2000 Grit 5 in Wet Dry Sanding Disc 8-Hole Orbital Sandpaper Discs | eBay this link above, it has a drop down where you select the grit of paper you want. 2000 is what really makes it shine! Click below for a
  9. 9-27-2021. More work on the 240Z today. (NOTE: I don't own a welder, and rust repair to structural areas will be done the old fashioned way with a MIG welder) I tackled the trunk floor. Here are some pics. Cut the rust out, decided to put the sheet metal cut out a tad bigger than the holes, and used Tek screws to hold it down, then went around the edges with JB weld to bond it down. I also used All Metal filler and then used it in smaller places where I had ground out the rust holes to good metal again. In the pics it looks sloppy, but once dry, I will use the Dremel grinder and sander to smoo
  10. It's an option. I hadn't decided one way or the other yet.
  11. 9-20-2021. I managed to get the rear spoiler on today. Also cleaned up and prepped the rear hatch inside and the hatch frame. Took a lot longer than I anticipated, but it's clean now, a bit of sanding and painting in a coupe spots then move on to the doors and door frames.
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