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  1. The problem with the parts sites that aren’t Nissan is they always assume that the rear sod is the same as the Titan. I checked the Nissan parts site in AU and then the Z32 and couldn’t find the full numbers.
  2. So does that mean the R230 Input Flange is the same gearing/diameter? Thought process here: 3.69 Ring 3.69 Pinion Armada Input Flange mated to the Z23 3.69 Pinion. Does this make sense? I am in new waters and grasping for a life raft.
  3. Looking for an Z32 (300ZXTT) R230 R&P for a Project in southern California. Ultimately, I am retrofitting a Factory R230 Pathfinder R230 with an ARB Locker and need the 3.69 for this to work. TIA
  4. Hey all, I have a question for you guys. I am looking at adding a Quaife Limited Slip that's for the 300ZX (R230) into an R230 Armada for better rear end traction off road. Do you think I can use the 3.69 gears and Quaife Helical LSD in an Armada Case? Sorry, but I have researched this to death and I am dying to find the answer. Thank you in advance.
  5. Hey guys, I want to go the opposite direction. I'd like the 3.69 R&P from the Z32TT in an ARMADA/Pathfinder R230 Carrier. ideally, the carrier would be an ARB Air Locker. Thanks in advanced. Ian
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