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  1. He stopped selling carbon fiber parts a while ago.
  2. It's a 20 year old SDS set up but the motor is older than that so we'll see. I'm going to run it for now to get it on the road. Maybe in the future I'll switch it out to something more updated with e85, launch control, etc.
  3. I got so much done this weekend. Mounted the SDS coil pack, assembled plug wires, hooked up the boost controller and ran the fuel lines. The to do list is getting shorter and it's almost time to start her up!
  4. I just ran across your youtube channel, good stuff. It's amazing these cars seem like they can fit any motor. I'm looking forward to the progress on it.
  5. Thanks Kevin! It's been a long road that hopefully I'm closer to the end. The shifter fits great however I do need to follow up with them to see why the shifting is so sloppy. I think I'm missing something. I'm running an old SDS engine mgt system that was used on my old L28et. I need to call SDS to see about getting a new wiring harness. If it's an easy swap I'll stick with it but if it requires a lot of hacking I'll go with something more modern. That's the final piece of the puzzle to solve then it's off to tuning.
  6. Equizyme unfortunately everyone pulled out of the buy. I refunded everyone's money last week. If you haven't received yours let me know.
  7. I will be going to place the order for the brackets this week. Due to the increase in the cost to make these brackets it is the equal to what I'm charging so If you would like a refund send me a message with your paypal address.
  8. Update #2: The cost to machine the brackets have gone up 40% since the last time I ordered them. I'm confirming that it's the best price he can give me and I also have a friend with a CNC that I'm reaching out to. I'm not interested in raising the prices to buyers. Just wanted to keep everyone in the loop.
  9. First update: I called the machine shop this morning and the owner is in Germany until May 7th. I'll send the order in when he gets back so for those that still want to order you've got a little more time.
  10. I'm running a group by on the bracket for the Z32 calipers which I think are the same as the GTR. If you have the measurements I can confirm with my set up. Here's the link:
  11. I sent a message to everyone a week and a half ago. Also posted on the FB DPAN page. If we don't get additional orders I'll send the ones I have into the fabricator so you guys aren't waiting too long.
  12. I agree. It's a good authentic show. I wonder if they will do any motor swaps or just pure jdm restorations.
  13. Alright guys we're stuck at 5 paid orders. We need 8 before I can submit the order! Share with your friends or anyone else interested in a set. Thanks
  14. We're ready to order the z32 front brake brackets. The total is $185 which includes the brackets, bolts and US shipping. You can send it as a gift or add 3% to cover the paypal fee. My paypal is arifsealey@hotmail.com. Thanks!

  15. Alright here are those that I've received payments from so far: 1. TRD_240Z 2. datsun13oy 3. Equizyme 4. Tim.d 5. William Streety 6. CBB 7. Dakotaxpro
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