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  1. We're ready to order the z32 front brake brackets. The total is $185 which includes the brackets, bolts and US shipping. You can send it as a gift or add 3% to cover the paypal fee. My paypal is arifsealey@hotmail.com. Thanks!

  2. I have this motor in my RX7. You're going to have fun.
  3. Jcurtis

    Complete SR20DET

    Is this pick up only?
  4. Jcurtis

    Marugen Shoukai ZG flares BNIB $325 Shipped

    Mine. Message me your PayPal email and we can git-r-done.
  5. Jcurtis

    Tech 2 Motorsports 2jz swap kit

    Do you know what trans this uses? Cant remember if the R154 is interchangeable with the Getrag.
  6. I found these searching Yahoo Japan. $1000 for flares makes me wonder how significant these are? Are they OEM? Can anyone confirm? Just thought I would share: http://page10.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/m115165829
  7. RHD Japan doesnt carry these anymore. Anyone know where I can get a set?
  8. Jcurtis

    Post pics of your z's here!!

    Damn, thats the color I bought for my Z! Well, at least I know how it will look.
  9. Jcurtis

    Post pics of your z's here!!

    So it is Signal Orange?!
  10. Jcurtis

    Post pics of your z's here!!

    @mossy74 That orange looks great! Is it stock? It looks like Porsche Signal Orange. Your car looks awesome!
  11. Jcurtis

    WTB: ZG Flares (Best quality only)

    Sadly, RHD doesn't carry them anymore. They just have a closeout on the rears in the extra wide size.
  12. Jcurtis

    Post pics of your z's here!!

    That looks great! What are the wheel specs?
  13. Looking to buy Classic Datsun ZG flares or nicer. Marugen Shoukai would be fantastic if anyone has a set. Willing to pay shipping and can paypal the money asap. Thanks, Jeremy
  14. Jcurtis

    Removing 40 year old paint

    Ive used a combination of a DA and this. It works great. http://www.eastwood.com/bristle-disc-white-120-grit-4-5.html