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  1. JHM…..on the offset tool, yes…..I have looked at them online. Prolly the best most accurate way to sort this out. The ultimate answer is first to get the completed car up on jacks and measure back spacing, front spacing with the flares installed and see what total width and clearance I have to work with then calculate offset to tie it all in. Barry on this forum from Bigwheels.net has been the most valuable resource I have talked to. Off the top of his head, he said if I was willing to go to 17 inch wheels, he was sure I could run this front 8 in wheel 225-45-17 rear 9 in wheel 255-40-17 If I want to stay with a square setup I might settle for 235-45. But he said save the final call till after I measure. I hadn’t intended to go bigger than 16 to avoid wagon wheel syndrome but the more I look at pics on Fitment Industries gallery I’m thinking I am okay wiit 17s and there are so many more tires combos with those over 16s. These arent crazy widths really, and I am not racing in a sanctioned series anyway. I have made the decision to go mild turbo on the motor so a wider stance and some traction will be useful without going overboard. Once I get pics of my spacing numbers I will post here and follow up with the combo I end up with. Thanks for all the thoughtful posts everyone.
  2. Yes agreed Aydin71, I’m not trying to build some un driveable show car, I want to autocross a little and enjoy spirited street driving. No intention of putting rubber out there for no reason. Fact is, I will prolly only be pushing 225 or 250 hp so not needing super fat rear in the equation. There’s always a good compromise. 74_5.0L_Z…….thanks for sharing all those stats…….helpful to know what the backspacing needs are. Barry will help me get the width figured out once I know backspacing with either 16 or 17 inch wheels and then the right offset will allow me to run with no spacers, thats the goal. Love your SubtleZ body…….carries the looks well. Some of the wide body kits are so radical you kind of lose the plot on the Z altogether.
  3. Best info so far is Barry at Bigwheels.net……found him on an old post. Very, very knowledgeable and helpful. Toughest call is deciding to go to 17s or not. I’m considering it due to way more tire wheel combo choices. Still looks a bit tall but if you get a deep barrel style is helps the look . Now have to do measurements precisely when the suspension is bolted under the car prior to paint.
  4. Okay, before everyone piles on and tells me to search the forum, I have spent months reading here, studying websites like Fitment Industries and gallery pics and YouTube on my wheel and tire choices. Here’s the deal. 77 280 coupe. Cut wheel wells, standard ZG flares 1 7/8ths front 2 7/8ths rear. Silvermine coilovers. Wilwood front 4 piston disc brakes drum rears, lowered one inch. Now, 17 inch rims look wagon wheel ish, 15 too small so 16 inch seems just right for brake clearance and rubber should be available. Going with that, I want a flush fit as close to the flare as possible, no or little stretch, no rubbing, and no spacers. I want the offset correct to get as wide a tire as I can. Not opposed to stagger, so with the slightly wider rear flare seems like maybe that is the way to go. Otherwise, I would have to go a little more negative offset on matched rims to get the outer edge flush on the rear to the bigger flare. Would like a deep dish machined wheel. Can someone point me to a thread or their setup that is the silver bullet here. Closest I have come seems to be a guy running 9.5 inch rims and something like a 245-40-16 but he didn’t specify the offset. Help me end this madness please.
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