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  1. S2000 seats. They look as if they were meant to go in this car.
  2. A few more professional pictures and a little write up. Enjoy http://www.unfinishedman.com/unfinished-man-1974-datsun-260z-rb25det#more-3969
  3. You get approached by guys like me? Or same as my situation? Haha
  4. Sweet!! My Z has been on the road only for a few weeks now after my RB swap and I've only been approached by guys so far. lol
  5. Yo! It's Adam Silver off facebook!

  6. Bodywork and paint are coming in spring of 2011. I've spent enough this year on the RB swap and driveline. I'll probably get rid of it after 2 to 3 years of driving it.
  7. To be honest, no idea! I believe it's a modified MSA air dam but not too sure.
  8. My brother took my car (260Z) out before it went back to the shop for work on the suspension and brakes. The other car is a right hand drive 1993 RX-7. Yes, I need a new gas cap or need to seal the rubber on the cap. Right now, rubber seal comes off 100% You can sort of notice the camber on it. More to come once the car gets all the problems worked out. The RX7 is putting out about 300 HP. And yes, my 260Z did beat it in the one and only race they had. And that was with the unbalanced driveshaft in the 260Z. When you accelerate hard, the whole car shakes. That's being figured out as well.
  9. From what they told me, I think they by-passed the proportioning valve to the rear. I'm not sure if the proportioning valve controls front and rear. Would an after market proportioning valve, say like a wilwood, help my cause. Rather than running the factory setup, remove it and put in the Wilwood valve?? Neither the front nor rears are locking up. Upon closer inspection of the rear brakes, it seems that the rear brake pads are barely touching the discs. I can still see the swirl marks from when they were brand new. I wish I had some kind of lock up but there's none.
  10. Not impressed with my brake upgrade at all. The shop that is taking care of my project also did the brakes. I got Toyota 4 piston calipers and new rotors up front. And Nissan 240SX calipers in the rear. They used a Wilwood Brake Master Cylinder (7/8" bore) and they by passed the stock proportioning valve. The car freaking brakes like a TRAIN!! Any tips on how to fix the issue? Even if we wanted to lock up the brakes, absolutely no way in hell we could. We got to drive it this last Friday for the first time with an RB25DET in it. It hauls ass but I would actually consider it a road safety hazard with the current setup. Even with down shifting, it's terrible braking. I actually refuse to drive it on the streets. If anybody has any suggestions, please let me know.
  11. I'm having similar issues to yours. The shop that did my car didn't do the suspension as it was meant to be. I used the Techno Toy "weld on coilovers". Instead of the shop cutting the perch and welding the sleeves on, they cut the sleeves shorter and put the springs on top of the perch. So I had to order 2" shorter springs which now means I have less travel. I'm using the Koni Special D's coilovers. The ride feels just fine but going over man holes, the struts bottom out really easily. I don't know if increasing the ride height might help.
  12. I work with a friend and he came up with this list below regarding our boss. These are all true from our work place. Go ahead and add to the list. 1. Your boss has no concept of time. Tasks that any sane person would allot weeks to complete are expected to be finished in days. 2. Your boss constantly complains about money while living in a multi-million dollar house, driving a Mercedes SL500. 3. Your boss spends over $3000/month just on wine. 4. Your boss thinks that calling retail customers who ordered through the company website will generate additional sales. 5. Your boss uses terms like “work the Google more†when planning marketing strategies. 6. Your boss uses magic numbers. If you find 10 customers, and they each spend $500, and they tell 10 of their friends… 7. Your boss hires only those willing to work for the least amount of money, even if they are grossly unsuited to the job. 8. Your boss asks you to do something, and then gets angry when you do it. 9. Your boss gets angry when you get sick or have a doctors appointment 10. Your boss thinks that everything is a conspiracy, including microwave ovens.
  13. Well, I sold the thing for $1200 as a whole package. Would have liked a bit more but the same day I sold him my stuff, he also bought another L28, triple webbers, and 4 speed for $500 as a package. Oh well, parting it out would have been too much of a hassle for me.
  14. Even if some of the pistons had low compression?
  15. I think I'm going to get rid of this for $1400 Somebody will be looking at it today. (Unless somebody makes me a better offer locally). The engine has been posted and re-posted on Craigslist since I started this thread. I'm in no rush for the funds but don't have a place to store it after my car is done which is pretty much any day now. One of the reasons for the price drop is the low compression results which I was not aware of. http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/rch/pts/1801115948.html Quote from my Craigslist Post:
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