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  1. Banditzed, glad to see you resume the swap. You indicated that you began with a JCI kit (John's Cars, Inc./Broken Kitty), but have since switched to a Hoke Performance swap kit. Do you have any information/pictures regarding the JCI engine mounts, particularly for the driver's side of the car? I'm asking because I am trying to determine if the JCI kit can be adapted to work with the Gen V LT1 (the direct injection engine found in 2014 - 2019 Corvettes and 2016 - current Camaro SS vehicles). The JCI kit was designed to work with the LS1 (Gen III) and will presumably work with the Gen IV LS engines since the engine mount boss locations did not change from Gen III to Gen IV. On the HybridZ forum, I've seen pictures from Guest Grenade300's LS1 swap (from way back in 2007) for the passenger side mounts. The JCI engine mount is very far forward on the block; it's sitting under the forward-most exhaust port. This engine mount only utilizes the two forward-most engine block mounting bosses (the two rear block bosses are unused) and then connects to bolt holes originally occupied by the A/C bracket at the very front of the engine. I haven't come across any pictures of the driver's side engine mount, but I am wondering if it is also positioned very far forward on the block. If it is very far forward, this will probably shelve my idea to use the Gen V LT1. Thanks for any help you can provide. Lawrence
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